Little Loves 2016 #21

Happy Friday lovelies.

Even with a lot of work going on and my to do list ever growing, this week has been lovely. I’m really enjoying spending more time with LB and I feel like I’m getting some more quality time with B too which is always a bonus. I’m particularly buzzing as there’s only a week left until Half Term and that means …….HOLIDAY!!!

This weeks Little Loves are our Garden, Eton Mess and Big Brother Mode! 


When I found out I was going to have to work on my day off yesterday as my teacher was ill,  I treated myself to a magazine and a mini muffin to cheer me up! I’ve only had a little flick through It but to be honest apart from work emails and plans, there hasn’t been much reading this week unfortunately, as we’ve been sorting in the garden till late each night after work.I did see this little saying which made me chuckle though, as its very accurate in this household!


LB sometimes wakes in the night, I’m assuming because of a bad dream and comes into our bed.  Well he did this at 2.30am the other night and after giving him a cuddle I said he needed to go back to his bed. He was so cute and said ‘no I stay here’ while cuddling closer, I told him there wasn’t enough room and his answer was ‘I’m only little’.  I felt terrible I couldn’t just hold him tight and keep him there, but I can’t get comfortable at the minute anyway. Having to try to lay on my side without my hips causing me pain is a feat in itself. LB is being so loving towards my bump though and gives it kisses and cuddles and talks in through my belly button. He told me this week he’s going to look after the baby and share all his toys. We’ll see!


I’ve caught up with the first two episodes of In The Club after everyone mentioning it last week! I watched the last part of series 1 and it was very easy to get back into, nothing like shocking us all immediately with gripping storylines.


Little individual lasagnes which were beautiful if I do say so myself and a little sweet treat Eton mess. 


Personally it’s been about climbing In to my new comfy m&s pjs each night as I’ve been feeling pretty sleepy!

This little dude looks like he’s in Hi Vis as he desperately tries to help daddy with all the work we’ve been doing, OK mainly B!

And Lastly

We’ve been busy in our garden again this week as I’ve mentioned and it’s really coming together-I’m so happy!

Our summer house is now painted and hanging baskets are up. We’ve made paving stones and planted more flowers and it’s just looking so pretty. There’s plenty more to do, but I can see where it’s going now and B’s ideas are finally materialising.

I can’t wait for our summer house to be in full use-I feel I may spend some (OK quite a lot of time) chilling up there-ok getting work done but it’s gonna be beautiful!

I’m linking up with Morgana at coffeeworksleeprepeat and all the other lovely bloggers for this weeks #littleloves.

8 thoughts on “Little Loves 2016 #21

  1. Stacey- A Mums Blind Love says:

    Lasagne has got to be my favourite meal, your little individual ones are so cute. The garden is looking lovely now all you need is lots of sunshine so that you can make the most of it.


  2. Mummy Hearts You says:

    I love Lasagne but I always do too much! These little individual ones are just enough! I love the bee cup!! Your garden is looking really good! Have a wonderful weekend #littlelove xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I know we always do way too much (&send up eating it) but our big pot cracked after last use and this was my only choice but it was perfect amount! Thanks I’m loving the Gardena me can’t wait for he sun to shine a bit more now. Have a lovely weekend x


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