Ordinary Moments #20 Our new routine

For the last 5 weeks we have been in a brand new routine for our family! One we weren’t sure how we were going to cope with, whether it would work better for us all or what?! 

LB is about to start week 6 of preschool, I’m on the same of being home during the day and not working in my day job though I am still teaching mon-wed evening.

We made this decision so I could be home to take and pick up LB from preschool, also we hoped this would give me more chance to work in admin for both mine and B’s businesses and also help more around the house (as my superstar husband is certainly a better housewife than me). However it would mean loosing a wage, only a part time one but enough. However we thought through it all and thought this would be better for us all inthe long run. Then we found out I was pregnant so it fitted in pretty perfectly!

Well here’s a little update of how it’s going for us all.

LB is loving preschool. Seeing his little face when I pick him up each time and the excitement in his voice as he tells me what and who he’s been playing with! I can see how much he’s growing up already-those little changes. The new words and phrases, the artwork he loves to bringing home each day and the new things he wants to show me. I think he’s enjoying me being at home more too. We have lunch together every day, he helps me around the house, we play and go out more and it’s great.

B is loving me being home as I’m prepping him smoothies each morning, sorting the shopping and dinner most of the week and keeping on top of the general cleaning/ washing etc. This means he’s had the chance to do other bits and pieces which have been on our to do list for the last year eg. Starting to sort the junk room, making the garden beautiful and fixing bits and pieces around the house. It made me really happy when he said to me over the weekend that me being at home was really lovely-he felt he saw me more,  he has clean pants (in varying colours each day), every little thing was helping him out and he felt it was all working perfectly.

This made me smile.

Then there’s me-I think I’m still trying to process it all. It was a big change for me and the idea of being a housewife is lovely but it’s a lot harder than you think!   LB is at preschool for 3 hrs 3 times a week by  realistically by the time I’ve dropped him off and it’s time to pick him up again that’s only 2.5 hrs each day that’s 7.5 hrs a week. 7.5 hrs of me time-well I shouldn’t complain as that’s more than I had before, but seriously it’s not enough time to run 2 businesses and a house and also get some cheeky actual me time in! His hours will be upped and extra 4.5 in September but then baby is due October so I need to be pretty sorted by then.
If I’m honest I’m finding it hard to get into our routine. There’s been a few days of being at home cleaning and sorting, a few of sitting down at the computer blogging, some working and if I’m honest some shopping! Lunch and afternoons are with LB but I’m still behind on everything. I’m desperately trying to get motivated but all I seem to be doing is nesting. My main motivation should be on work and getting everything organised for my maternity leave as well as lots of bits and pieces happening between now and October, what I actually want to be doing apart from sitting on my butt enjoying the sun is funnily enough sorting out cupboards and getting rid of stuff.

Also my laziness kicks in. Ok I’m not really lazy but I feel like I am as I’m not working half the hours I used to be. I have to try and change my mindset, as its decreasing my motivation and drive significantly. Being at home is stangely making me feel like I’m helping less – well financially I guess I am and that can make me feel a little inadequate, but as B has pointed out I’m helping out so much more at home and spending time with our son before the baby arrives and also we only have a year and a bit before he’s off to school and then I’ll miss this time.

So I need to look at my time management, prioritise and yes sometimes that will mean work, sometimes the house and you know what sometimes me!

Now to do all of that guilt free. Yikes!

I’m linking up with Katie and all her lovely ladies for our Ordinary Moments!

Ordinary Moments - MummyDaddyMe

4 thoughts on “Ordinary Moments #20 Our new routine

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    It sounds like you are all thriving on the new routine, so glad he likes preschool. I think its perfectly understandable to feel the way you do, especially with being pregnant too. I am sure you will settle down soon, but in the meantime don’t feel guilty! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Cheers Katie, it really seems to have worked as long as we can continue with the financial loss. Yes I think the pregnancy has got me all over the shop emotionally and wondering how we’ll cope with more change, but for now it feels right! X


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