Little Loves 2016 #20 

Happy Friday everybody! I hope everyone has had a lovely week! We’ve had gorgeous sunshine and torrential rain and the weather and my wardrobe are just not coordinating currently! The sun makes a big difference to my positivity and motivation especially at the minute feeling so tired and I am so ready for the summer-though I may change my mind the bigger my bump gets! 


I brought the new Red magazine which had a travel edit mag attached. God I want to go on holiday!!!


LBs imagination going wild! Yesterday we were all on a spaceship to Mars and to see the moon and stars. Apparently he was driving, Daddy was looking out and Mummy was on the computers! I love seeing the excitement he has during make believe, it’s just too cute!

He also came in to wake me up yesterday morning and his first words as he cuddled up were mummy you’re my best friend, are you happy?! When you say things like that little man I will always be happy!!


This week has been catching up on One Born every minute which just makes me desperate for October, yet also scared of the memory of that pain!

Me and LB also sat and watched Brother Bear 2 the other day which I thought was lovely, though he lost attention and wanted to sit on my head for the second half!

I loved the Idris Elba and Purdeys what do you want to be when you grow up video. It  made me remember that you have to keep dreaming and you’re always growing!



Homemade burgers, sweet potato fries and asparagus wrapped in salami.

This week I’ve been trying to mix up the meals a bit. We have a tendency to do the same meal with each piece of meat and minced beef would normally be chilli or spag Bol-not this week!

We also had our first BBQ with the in laws last weekend to say thanks for all their help with the garden and looking after LB!


I’ve been looking for a pair of pumps to wear with my maternity leggings, as my clumpy trainers just don’t work and I found these little beauties for £8 in Matalan-not quite converse but they’ll do!

And Lastly

The blossom was looking beautiful in the park yesterday! The sun was shining again after 3 days of non stop rain so we enjoyed a run around!

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8 thoughts on “Little Loves 2016 #20 

  1. Memeandharri says:

    Oh I love the blossom it just looks so pretty. I am desperate to go on holiday too but we not having one this year – boo! Have a lovely week and fingers crossed for some sunshine xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      It really does hey? I look at things a different way now I’m enjoying photography more! Me and Lb are going to Wales with family but B ids rating home to work but desperate to jet off on a plane. Have a great week x


  2. Steph says:

    We had homemade burgers twice this week… The weather called for it though! It’s a shame you had some rainy days this week – it stayed nice up north. Love cherry blossom trees – gorgeous photos x #littleloves


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