Ordinary Moments 2016 #19 Our Garden

Having lived in a flat with a tiny outdoor area (communal gardens) for 9 years finally moving into a house with a garden last June has just been amazing. 

Just having that freedom to sit outside of an evening, let LB play outdoors while I’m pottering in the kitchen without fear of him falling in the stream or making his way round to the car park (like at the flat) is great! Also just having our own space to potter around. We have so many plans for this house and the garden is our main project for now to get it perfect for the summer.

In the last few weeks B has started to really change our garden. He’s knocked down the wall between our patio and grass replacing with railway sleepers. He’s cut down all the brambles and bushes on the side and back of the garden making it all seem much bigger and making it safer for LB. Hes neatened everything up, moving our pavement and steps and making space for a hopeful vegetable patch and other bits.

Yesterday he picked up a summer house from his nans to put up at the end of our garden. I’ve threatened to make it all girly and a lovely little space to chill in but I think he’s seeing it as more of a man cave where he can escape when baby crying gets too much again!

He manages to get it all looking fab and then starts the next bit so in most of the following pictures it looks a mess but I’m loving seeing it all coming together.

This is on the day we moved in! So much shrubbery taking over every edge of the garden. Now with it all down it looks so much bigger.

LB has loved joining in and fixing as daddy and I get stuck in with all the other bits and pieces.

Knocking down the stones and discovering lots of bugs!

Stones are down and the sleepers are up! The rest is a big mess.

My two boys doing a fab job! Grandad has been pretty amazing in all this too.

More big mess!! Lots of bonfires to get through.

Next project is this summer house that B collected yesterday from his nans. It looks so much bigger than we thought it was but B has mapped it all out and says it’ll fit. I have my fingers crossed. I’m going out today and the aim is that he’ll get it up before I get home. How exciting!

I can’t wait to get the garden all sorted. To have that little space that we’ve created exactly how we want it. We’ve got 5 more months till baby arrives and although that feels like forever we know when it comes to all the things we have to get sorted around the house this is no time at all!

So we are on a mission!

I’m linking up with Katie at MummyDaddyMe for my ordinary moments.

9 thoughts on “Ordinary Moments 2016 #19 Our Garden

  1. Carie says:

    Oh WOW what a difference! It looks great already, with so much more space for you all and if even half of the plans come to fruition it’s going to be such a lovely place to while away long summer days!


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thanks Carrie, it really has transformed and only looking back at the pictures do we realise how much! We’re really pleased with it all so far and can’t wait to do more! The summer will be wonderful out there x


  2. Sherry says:

    Cutting the bushes back really has transformed your garden. We have a stony garden at our place and I don’t like it at all, but I appreciate that we have a garden x


  3. mummydaddyme says:

    Ah that is all really exciting, it sounds like he is doing a really good job! We are also embarking on a bit of a garden mission this spring too- we just aren’t gardeners at all and so we are getting artificial grass put down. It’s so expensive though so we are having to save first! xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      He is doing a fab job and the summer house went up in the heat yesterday and although needs loads of work will be fab! LB thinks it’s his treehouse! We’re not particularly gardeners either but we’ve kind of surprised ourselves the last few weeks. Good luck with your mission x


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