May Bank Holiday

A Long Weekend! Whats better than a long weekend?
The short working week after it isn’t too bad either.
(Though frustratingly this week although i missed work Monday, I’m covering one of my teachers on my day off on Thursday so its all evened out).

This weekend saw a real mixture of things.

A planned trip to London with some friends to watch an ex student in her first uni show.
A day at home, food shopping and chilling out and an impromptu day riding a steam engine and flying kites.

On Saturday I caught the train with some friends to watch their daughter (my ex student) in her first uni show.  It was crazy to not see her in loads of numbers.  In our shows she almost always had a lead role and did so many classes with me she was always in over 10 routines guaranteed.  This time round it was just 2.  This seemed weird but for me it was lovely to see how she had progressed, how well her peers could dance, the creativity (as all routines were choreographed by students) and generally see how happy she was and all the friends she had made.

We sat on the Southbank and ate food (my choice Pad Thai) before the show and took trains around London, catching some of the sights.  I love going into London but as B grew up there he doesn’t find it quite as exciting as me.  It’s so close on the train for us and it just feels to me like a little adventure outside the norm. We didn’t get back home till gone midnight and i was quite achy from all the walking but i felt great as we had had a lovely day (including a cheeky Burger King at Marylebone on the way home).

On Sunday we really had quite a lazy one.
I did a food shop, we cleaned the house up (though you’d never know it now-2 days later) and basically chilled out.  We played in the garden, finished our bout of bonfires, chatted to our neighbours over the fence and they kindly shared some of their Polish food as they were celebrating their Easter and B cooked an amazing Tom Kerridge recipe of salt baked Lamb Shank.

On Monday we woke up quite late (LB had been in with us from 4am due to a nightmare meaning a rather uncomfortable sleep) to a text from friends saying if we had no plans to come and meet them at Chinnor Railway to catch the Steam Engine.  B had to go to work so it was perfect! LB loves trains and by taking his Henry Hugglemonster teddy with him he got a free trip.  The friends we went with have teenagers and they all loved it.  We spent all morning riding the train, watching other trains go past, waving at people and enjoying the nice weather.  We then went back to our friend’s for bacon sandwiches and cake before heading to the park to fly kites and play.  LB had a wonderful time.  He is completely spoilt rotten by the kids (each one is a student of mine and i have known them for many years) and its lovely for me to have a chat, enjoy the fresh air and watch as i see how grown up my little man is.  Seriously he can climb and do pretty much what they were all doing though they are all very protective of him, which is so cute.  Its like he’s got loads of older siblings.

Overall an amazing weekend.
A little bit of everything and here we are on Tuesday ready to get back to the week and I am sat here writing this post rather than the huge amount of housework or paperwork i should be doing while LB is at preschool.
However i have felt like I’ve been neglecting my blog recently and its so easy to get out of the habit of writing and I don’t want that.  I am still trying to work out our new routine, although we are three weeks in and I need to make sure that i take some of that time for me and recording our memories is one of the things I enjoy.
So here I am!

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