Ordinary Moments 2016 #18 Singing and Dancing

Hardly surprising considering I run a Performing Arts School but LB loves to sing and dance! He has been coming along to my summer school, rehearsals and shows since he was a bump (obviously). I had a show less than 6 weeks after he was born and he has been at every one since!

He loves the whole day, the build up,  the show, the lot and all of my students have been fantastic at adopting him into the group and looking out for him, meaning I don’t have to keep my eye on him 24/7.

(Wanting to be a mouse in 2015 Panto of Cinderella)

He is constantly singing nursery rhymes, recent favourites being

Jack and Jill

Old Macdonalds Farm

The Chelsea song (Daddy is very proud)

Oh and my personal favourite ………..

Heads, Shoulders, Knees on Toast (yes you read that right)it has me in hysterics.

He seems to love all music and dances around changing the speed of his movements depending on the style and it’s wonderful to watch.
I must admit that he loves B’s music though-unfortunately this is hip hop especially Eminem- yes you can imagine the language!
As soon as it comes on he is up and moving around unbelievably, it warms my heart to see him getting into something that means so much to me!

I haven’t got him enrolled into any classes at all as yet but he wants to be on the stage at every opportunity, so I think he’ll be following in my footsteps to a certain extent,
though if daddy gets his way there’ll also be football, karate and golf.
Its going to be busy!

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