Little Loves 2016 #18

This week (as all of them at the minute) has gone by in a bit of a blur!
I’m still trying to get myself into a preschool/productivity routine but this week it’s been full of hospital & midwife appointments, car MOT and helping my mum move back into her house that I haven’t really got much done at home at all.
LB is loving preschool though and that makes me feel great!
He’s so excited to go and when I pick him up I get the best cuddle.

This weeks Little Loves are
Homemade Pizza, The Unmumsy Mum and our Baby’s Heartbeat


I’m still very much involved in ‘The Unmumsy Mum’ book which I’ve hardly put down all week! With hospital and midwife appointments running late I’ve had even more time than normal to squeeze in some chapters and I’ve got back into reading in bed at night!
It’s making me chuckle, nod my head and want to keep reading more, so I’m happy!


I’ve had some hopefully positive response to my maternity leave teaching advert!
I want to get it all sorted ASAP for September so I don’t have to worry about it. Being due 7th October (&LB arriving 10days early) I’ve decided I’ll finish teaching after my summer school at the beginning of August at about 31 weeks (though I’ll still be doing all the admin etc). Although it’s only April it takes a lot of organising to get your own business under control for a little bit of time off so having to get organised.


Katie at MummyDaddyMe has put a little video about her birth story on her blog and it was so lovely to see what she had been through and what I’ll be experiencing again soon!
They captured her c-section perfectly in a little video which had me in tears.
A huge congratulations to Katie and her family.


Last night we had homemade pizza.
This is something that LB loves to help with and as he’s created it he usually eats it all up! This one was no exception.

In a time where eating what we put in front of him is rare I feel like this was a major win.


Man do I wish I ever had something to write in this section!
Would currently love to win the lottery to purchase a whole new wardrobe.
The only item i have bought recently is a pair of oh so comfy M&S PJs
-I’ve been living in them.

I love LB’s blue Next jeans though.
My best friend got them for him for Christmas and I love the turn ups.
Though he does look like he has a saggy bum in them here-lol!

And Lastly

My favourite part of this week was certainly hearing our baby heartbeat for the first time.
I’m 17 weeks today and it feels like there’s an absolute lifetime until we get to meet our new little one. In the 12 week scan you can see the heartbeat but not hear it.
I’ve been feeling a bit anxious as I’ve known a lot of women recently who have miscarried or had stillborns between 20-25 weeks and hearing the heartbeat put my mind at ease for a little longer.  I can’t wait to be able to feel it kicking as then i will feel like i have that little bit more knowledge of whats happening in there.
I just have everything crossed that everything goes smoothly and
our little one is growing strong and healthy.

I am linking up with Morgana at CoffeeWorkSleepRepeat for this weeks Little Loves.


2 thoughts on “Little Loves 2016 #18

  1. Morgana says:

    Katie’s birth story blog and vlog are just beautiful aren’t they? I bet it made you even more excited about your baby. It’s so lovely and reassuring hearing the heartbeat, I’ll never forget hearing both my girls for the first time.
    Love LB’s jeans, very cool 😉 xx


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