Ordinary Moments 2016 #16

I take photos everyday! Whether they are of our little family, food we have cooked, something LB has made or simply something that has caught my eye! 

These photos either make it onto my social media account or sit on my phone untouched for ages. I’ve still Gita huge amount to learn re photography and although I find it intriguing how to make a picture look better I think I might drive myself crazy trying so for now I thought I’d share a few pictures currently in my camera roll from recent week!

Also I’m like nearly a whole week late for this ordinary moments and even though I’ll try to link up I’m not sure how many people will even see this post!


Eggy Bread! Something I woke up craving the other Sunday. B went off to work and me and LB enjoyed the savoury bacon version while I secretly sneaked my favourite serving choice of eggy bread topped with sugar-so naughty! 


A lucky spy in our local sainsburys and it was the last one! I’ve been struggling to get into any books recently but I’m already half way through this! 


My little 14 week baby bump starting to show (must take a 16 week one now). In the morning it’s non existent by the afternoon it’s very much there though I’m sure to the unknowing eye it could easily be just fat!! 


Swimming with little man and some friends! With our trip to Bluestone in Wales approaching at half term I want to make sure we gain a little more confidence in the water. LB did such a fab job, even jumping in and blowing bubbles in the water, nothing in comparison to his little water baby friend though! 


Last Saturday we performed a couple of routines at a charity show for a friend! It really is lovely to give my students the opportunity to go out there and perform to audience and as I love being in the theatre it’s always a good day for me too.

Fruit is certainly a favourite of Little Bs and it’s lovely to have a stocked fruit bowl. When we have our quiet time in the afternoon we’ll generally have a snack and recently he’s been loving having lots of different fruit cut up, and I must say I can’t complain! 

LB helped me make a salmon tart last Monday. He wanted to be involved every step of the way. Even though there are quite a few stages he stayed interested throughout even with he’s topping and starting. Best bit was he ate it! Success! 

This made both me and B laugh as it’s completely and utterly me! Nothing like an anxious mind .

Hello sunshine! It’s so wonderful of you to show your face-even if only briefly.

A congratulations card from an ex student who’s currently training as a midwife! You can tell she knows us well. Yes it is going to learn to swear and almost definitely a KT younger than it should. 

We’ve spent a lot of time in the garden this week, playing, digging, having a bonfire and getting things started for the summer. Daddy pulled down a slab and me and LB checked out all the creepy crawlers underneath. 

Thanks for reading my random ramblings about my photos. They are nothing special but they make me smile!

Linking up for Ordinary Moments with Katie at mummyDaddyMe X

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