Little Loves 2016 #17

Happy Friday everyone! 

This has been our first week in our new routine and everything seems to be going reasonably smoothly so far (touch wood). LB is enjoying preschool and although 3 hrs really isn’t a lot of time, I’m getting a lot more done round the house than ever before, which as a bonus has given B time in the evenings to do some jobs that just never seem to get done like clearing out our spare room (so I can do the organising bit) and trying to get the garden ready for the summer. We’ve got so many ideas for our little house even though we only rent we want to make it as homely as possible, though this means a lot of decluttering and organising! Hopefully this weekend we’re going to get a new little outhouse shed and sleepers in the garden as well as clearing out some of our rubbish! I can’t be nesting already surely?


After following the Unmumsy Mum on Instagram and Facebook and giggling away at her posts I was pleased to find the last copy of this in Sainsburys during my food shop last week. I don’t treat myself often so decided this was completely necessary and am loving a soak in the bath lost in this for some me time!


My little man trying to tell me names of all his new friends. The unfortunate thing is none of what he’s saying is making sense. I’ve actually had to ask the ladies at preschool who’s he’s playing with as I’m pretty sure his new friend ‘Bidge with black hair’ is not actually his name!

I also took him swimming with a little friend last Friday and he absolutely loved it – eventually! He’s not a natural water baby unlike his friend, he clings on for dear life but by the end of the hour he was jumping and splashing away which was so lovely to see!


I really must sort this bit out! I have my normal programmes and a load of things including films saved on Sky On Demand but for some reason never seem to find the Time. However me and LB have watched a couple of new films during quiet time this week including Charlottes Web and Princess and the Frog. Love the music in that one! So jazzy!


My new sunnies and a brand new haircut! What is it with getting a good cut that gives you such a boost. It definitely put a spring in my step! We couldn’t strip the blue out as well as we’d hoped so I’m now a silvery blue which I actually love! I’ve wanted to do the silvery blonde thing for a while and am glad we’re going that route now!  
Each year I end up buying a new pair of sunglasses usually because I break them, or LB has ripped an arm off a few pairs over the years. These beauties were only £6 from Doeothy Perkins and I love them. It usually takes me ages to find a pair that suit me, but I decided to go a bit bigger and I love them!


Me and LB made a salmon tart on Monday on our day at home. He helped me every step of the way and loved it. The best thing was definitely the fact that he ate loads of it after!! Success!!


And lastly

I put up a personal Facebook status about putting a photo of me and you up to get some memories this week. Well my stepmum found this beauty! It made me think wow I used to look good 😄 it gave me a little reality call on my age and my health etc. Being pregnant I’m finding myself feeling pretty lethargic and craving crisps and fizzy drinks, which is not great and definitely made me think I don’t want to be a chubby mum who can’t get down and play with her kids! I always used to be really fit and healthy-what happened!

Funnily enough though my new haircut is vey similar just a different colour!


And me and B have officially been together 10 years as of yesterday – I can’t quite believe it and soppily  I think he’s pretty damn amazing and I’m more in love with him now than ever! (Sorry not sorry!!)

10 thoughts on “Little Loves 2016 #17

  1. Morgana says:

    Loving your hair and those sunglasses! They really suit you!
    It’s so funny when they start telling you things about nursery isn’t it? I often used to have to talk to the nursery ladies to try and make sense of what E was on about! xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Bless you Natalie thanks! I’ve been pretty crazy with my hair over the last 18mths it’s going to seem very strange when it goes back blonde-I’ll probably get very bored! Ha! The salmon tart is an Ainsley Harriet super easy recipe and we love it. X


  2. mumreinvented says:

    Love the old pic and your new hair. It’s funny when they start telling you their friends names, my little one started naming kids that weren’t even there and had all kinds of weird names for them. Been meaning to get that book. Is it any good? x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you! It’s crazy what a throwback 10yrs does. He’s had me in stitches but am so glad he’s settling in and making friends even if doesn’t know their names. I’m living the book to be honest-already half way through and for me that’s pretty amazing in less than a week x


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