Little Loves 2016 #16

Happy Friday readers!

I hope you have had a wonderful week.


Wow I shock myself at how much of a reader I used to be and how little I do now, in all aspects, books, magazines, blogs, articles! The weeks fly past and I have no idea where they go! I keep promising myself I’ll sit back and read some of my favourite blogs too but still haven’t managed that! Sucking in this section at the minute.


LB super excited about preschool! He started on Wednesday and is back again today. He was desperate to get going on Wednesday morning but 7.30 was a little early. When we got in the car and I started reminding him that I’d be leaving him there he said ‘just drive mummy’. Wow I mean that’s one way to get mummy emotional about you growing up mate!

  He made a sheep which he was very proud of and continually sang baa baa black sheep at us! 

Castle, Rizzolli and Isles and OBEM. All my weekly programmes but I haven’t been very good at getting into anything else-though I am desperate to find New Girl series 4 somewhere (no luck so far).


I’ve been living in my new trainers this week the colour isn’t scaring me so much and it’s back to my dance wear as the Easter Holidays are over and we are back to classes!


Sausage and mushroom risotto all made up by myself! B gets a little worried when I get creative in the kitchen it doesn’t always go so well….however this time it was really yummy!


Me and LB had some eggy bread on Sunday morning as B had to go off to work-on a Sunday boo!!!!

Since I was a girl guide (over 15 years ago) I’ve always put sugar on my eggy bread!! (Something to do with guide camp I believe).  Nothing like a sweet kick but obviously in sight of LB we had the savoury version!

 And Lastly

This has been our first week back into a bit of a routine! I’ve had to get my work head back in gear which if I’m honest was pretty hard work. LB started preschool and I’ve had my first morning to myself. I managed to get a few bits done around the house but realistically 3 hours is not a huge amount of time to do all the stuff I want to do! I have a huge list of home, blog and business things I should do in that time but I’m currently debating whether instead I go shopping with my Christmas vouchers today!

Mmmmmmm such a tough decision!

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