Ordinary moments 2016 #15 Sunday’s 

Oh hello last Sunday of the easter holidays. Ok I’m going to say something crazy now…..I’m not a Sunday lover. It’s technically a lovely day-usually a lazy family one but there is always the lingering thought of getting back into the weekly work routine. Now the funny thing is I love my job so really I shouldn’t be too worried about a monday but for some reason I get into a complete fluster on a Sunday afternoon/evening usually over my lack of productivity and my huge to do list. The guilt trip kicks in!  B has commented for years on the black cloud that comes over my mood assistant to beat myself up. He always tells me it’s good to chill out and take time to do nothing but for some reason however much I do it and enjoy it I can’t get the guilt out of my head.

We’ve not had the Easter holidays I had hoped for. Both myself and LB have been ill which has resulted in much more time than planned at home yet the house is still a complete pigsty! I haven’t seen half the people I’d wanted to nor got as much done. In fact I’ve hardly touched work at all (ok if I think about it I’ve done a 14 day studio reboot course and kept up with all my emails, entered a festival and reassigned timetable and invoices, helped out at 2 days worth of shows and spoken to lots of possible new students -but in my eyes not quite enough). Man when I put it like that I need to get a grip!

This week I’m also scared to get back to it as LB will have to come to work with me 3 evenings as I dont have my mother in law as normal (not so easy to teach and be mummy at the same time) and the big thing, he starts preschool on Wednesday. This seems like a massive step (one I’ve already started penning a blog post about) and one especially daddy is feeling nervous about. For mummy it’s the routine change, for daddy it’s the fact that he doesn’t think his little boy is old enough yet and for LB it’s possibly the most exciting thing ever. He truly can’t wait!

I’m currently laid under the covers in bed on Sunday morning (I can do Sunday mornings – I like them! Well until I start thinking oh my god we’re wasting the day get up get up!)

LB is watching his pad next to me and playing with my hair, B is downstairs getting himself ready to go and help his Nan clean up her caravan for the summer. I’m already thinking about my huge to do list but also feeling like we should get out and do something fun, all whilst moving myself deeper under the covers!

This quote gives me mixed feelings! What is spent well. Enjoying the lazy cuddles with your family? Getting outside and making a day of it? Getting the house cleaned up and ready for the week ahead? Getting some things ticked off the to do list?

The answer can only be whatever makes you happy! Each Sunday of the month could be a different thing….not one of the same,  yet every one making  you feel good, content, inspired, relaxed!

Happy Sunday everybody X

 Ordinary Moments - MummyDaddyMe

2 thoughts on “Ordinary moments 2016 #15 Sunday’s 

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    I remember I used to feel the same about Sundays as well when I was working full time and then when I was working part time (in my old job not my freelance one) after Mads came along. It just does feel like there is this lingering thing at the back of your mind knowing that it is almost over. I completely get what you are saying. Hope your week goes ok. x

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    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I love my job but man that feeling of having to get moving and having to be productive just stresses me out! I’m hoping this new routine with Lb at preschool and me working from home will help this feeling! Glad you understand and I’m not alone x


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