Little Loves 2016 #15

The second week of the Easter Holidays and although a little more exciting
than our poorly sofa week last week, it’s not been as adventurous as I’d planned
as I have been feeling exhausted.
Although I’m gutted we are at the end of the holidays I’m excited for LB to start preschool next week and for us to get into our new routine.
Ok a little nervous too!

This weeks little loves are My Birthday, OBEM and 13


I’ve been really lazy this week and feeling a bit poorly so apart from some birthday cards I really haven’t picked up anything. I don’t think i can call that reading though!
I keep looking at new books, but I can’t seem to get inspired.

LB has however asked for the same book every night this week.
One Snowy Day all about Percy the Park keeper and all the animals-i’m thinking i may have to buy some more from the series, as i think i can recite this one now!



I used to listen to music all the time but since LB came along I haven’t so much.
I’m looking forward to those preschool mornings when I’m working or pottering round the house so I can start blaring my music out again.

The Youth Theatre I’m heavily involved in performed 13 The Musical last weekend and they did such a fantastic job. I was waking up singing the songs… of my favourites being What It means to be a friend which had me in tears when sound by a girl i have taught from the age of 5.


One born every minute.
A programme all men hate but crazily most women love!

I have watched it since pregnant with LB and for some bizarre reason it never scared me.  Even seeing the pain and sometimes problems involved i think it just made me feel more informed and also the instant love when the child is in your arms.


I got myself some maternity trousers this week as already I can’t wear my normal jeans at only 14 weeks. I mean check out the bump!


Most of the time my birthday money ends up in the bank and spent on bills, but I took £20 straight to matalan. I’m waiting for cheques to clear so I can do a little bit of extra shopping before it all disappears. Too many things I’d like.

I’ve also been living in my new birthday trainers from B!
They are a bit Lairier than normal for me, but actually I really like them!


My little man cry because I walked down the stairs faster than him!

Don’t you just love toddler tantrums!
The threenager who can start squealing over the smallest of things-sometimes so ridiculous, I often find myself laughing out loud! 

And lastly

It was my birthday on Wednesday and we went to Hampton Court Palace with my Mother and Sister in law, a friend and all the kids.
I’ve never been before and although it was adamant it was going to piss it down every time we sat down for a picnic, it was a lovely day!
Though I now have a stinking cold not so great!


I’m linking up with all the lovely bloggers for #littleloves over with
Morgana at Coffeeworksleeprepeat


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