Ordinary Moments 2016 #13

When your child is poorly and there’s really nothing you can do bar dose them up, wipe their nose and cuddle up on the sofa! 

It sucks when you’re  ill yourself but not being able to take that horrible feeling away from someone you love more than anything and who can’t really explain to you what they are feeling, is definitely the worst.

LB had a snotty nose which ended up with a cracked nose, cough, puffy eyes and a rash all over his face. He didn’t look a pretty sight! (And this was him feeling a bit better). We think the rash may have been because of his lactose intolerance (well apparently lactofree cows milk doesn’t suit him either nor johnsons baby wipes on his face)

This week we have spent the majority of the time at home. All our first week of Easter holidays plans were cancelled and we just hibernated from Saturday-Wednesday.

On Thursday I had to go and teach a class and although he still wasn’t great he had perked up and asked to go to the park after.

  Only good thing is he’s been sleeping really well. He won’t nap so was exhausted by bedtime each night and has been sleeping though till 7.30-8 which is generally unheard of.

Today we are off to my Dad’s for a birthday lunch for me which I’m really looking forward to especially after a week cooped up indoors.

Unfortunately my sister can’t come now as my nephew has chickenpox, so she’s on mummy snuggles duty today!

4 thoughts on “Ordinary Moments 2016 #13

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    Oh bless him he didn’t look well at all, rashes always make them look worse than they probably actually feel. I hope he feels better soon, it’s no fun when they are poorly for more than a couple of days. x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thanks Katie. You’re right it always makes it look worse. We’re definitely on the mend as we are back to testing mummy’s patience-although that’s frustrating it’s nice to see him perking up! X


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