Little Loves 2016 #14

Well this weeks been a bit pants if I’m honest! Last week was going to be hard to beat I must say but we’ve spent the first week of the Easter holidays cooped up indoors as LB has been poorly! A cough and cold I can cope with, but he had a huge rash all over his face and he looked awful bless him! So we stayed at home from Saturday-Wednesday. I’ve been officially loosing my head and gutted we had to cancel some plans.

So I’ve been focussing on my #little loves Big Bang Theory, my Comfies and summery lunches.

I have managed to get some reading of Marie Kondos book in and although it’s keeping me reading I’m not sure it’s quite inspired me to get the house Spring cleaned completely! It seems like such an overwhelming task and to be honest LB hasn’t left my side for 5 Days! I’m lucky to have been allowed to leave the sofa.

i have read a few more blog posts this week but certainly haven’t caught up. It has been nice to have a bit more free time to read and write.


So many congratulations and excitement about our pregnancy which is just so wonderful. Feeling completely blessed.


It’s been a lot of easy watching like Big Bang theory as I’ve done some work of an evening for both mine and B’s companies. I’ve actually had the time to sit in front of the TV each night but I still haven’t made the most of it. I have spotted a couple of films on Sky On Demand that I’m quite looking forward to though eg. Spooks-we always loved the series.


Pretty much my pjs or comfies all day everyday! Not complaining much here I must say.


My ideal lunch that made me feel a little summery! I love snacky lunches. 

LB hasn’t eaten anything we’ve cooked him this week whether it’s been his favourite spag Bol or roast chicken which has been frustrating! I know he’s not been feeling well as he’s usually a complete gannet!

I also made it to a year of blogging! I can’t believe I’ve had this little space of the Internet for a year already. It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one I’m excited to see what happens next with.


And lastly

It’s April today! Already month 4 of 2016 and one that brings lots of excitement. It’s my birthday next week -33 eek! It’s the month LB starts preschool and the one where I don’t return to work and get to spend time on our businesses! Full time self employment here I come!


Thanks for reading X

I’m linking up with all the lovely #littleloves bloggers over at coffeeworksleeprepeat 

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