1 year Blogiversary

I can’t believe it, I’ve been blogging for a whole year!

Seriously where does the time go?

I started my blog as I loved the idea of documenting our family life, of recording our memories, our milestones. For years I have written a diary on and off and this was a way of expressing my feelings and realising I’m not alone! For knowing that as a woman, wife, mum, daughter, friend I had a little space of the Internet to express me. Sometimes life can get on top of you and for me my blog is my space to  look at all the great things that happen!

There have been times I’ve wondered whether it’s a good idea and B did ask for me not to use their names to start with which I understood. Having your life out there can seem a little crazy but I will always be careful to never put my family out there in a bad way! I hope it’ll be something that will stay a positive experience throughout!

I’ve been actively blog writing and also not so much, throughout this year! It’s been harder than I thought to fit it in with a business, day job and toddler but the evenings I sit and blog or read the blogs I love I fully enjoy it-i get lost. It’s real me time!

I am grateful for the linkys I have stuck with #littleloves with CoffeeWorkSleepRepeat and #ordinarymoments with MummyDaddyMe. They have kept me blogging regularly. I have also joined in with The Me and Mine Project with DearBeautifulBoy, Things I’ve been loving lately with LifeAtTheLittleWood and  LivingArrows with Shutterflies, though i haven’t kept up with them so well. Hopefully with more time off I can extend my linkys and my individual posts too.

So many blogs have inspired me,  my favourites have given me ideas, prompted me to look at life differently and made me really see I’m not alone with my fears and my joys!

The blogging community has been so supportive, commenting on my posts, following me on WordPress, Bloglovin, Facebook and Instagram which means so much when I see someone who inspires me has followed, liked or commented it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, like I’ve posted something worth reading. I feel proud!

There have been days where noone has looked at my blog and others where I’ve had some good traffic. I’m nowhere near having a regular following I’m sure but I’m so grateful to everyone who reads.

For the first few months I hid my blog from family and friends. It’s not something I talk about much, mainly through embarrassment I think, but quite a few people have now found me on Facebook or instagram and have mentioned they have had a read of the blog. It’s lovely to be supported.

I have even in the last month been approached to write a few sponsored posts or articles which I couldn’t believe!

I have also been looking into changing the theme of my blog recently – as in the layout as well as updating my logo! I’m still not convinced on anything and although I had hoped to do this for today it hasn’t quite happened, though this is the updated logo I’ve been liking so far!


However I have done the exciting thinking of buying the domain name www.gemslittletreasures.com

This takes out the .wordpress.com and makes it feel a little more official.

I’m still learning so much about blogging! Each time I write a post or have a good play around on WordPress I see something new! I think I’ll keep learning for years and things always change with technology so I’m sure we will keep developing alongside it!

I’m excited to see where this year will take me with my blogging! Probably down the Pregnancy/new baby route obviously but I’ll try and mix it up!

Thank you for supporting me here at GemsLittleTreasures whether you’ve been here for the whole year or only a few weeks! X

2 thoughts on “1 year Blogiversary

  1. mummyofboygirltwins says:

    Ahh happy blog birthday! Yay! Your blog is fab and I have enjoyed reading it so much. I learnt a HUGE amount from my first year of blogging and so I would say that year 2 is very exciting. Looking forward to more from you xx


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