Yey We are Pregnant!

The 7th Feb 2016 – My dream came true!
We were getting the opportunity to grow our family and bring another baby into the world.

After trying for what has felt like forever, but is actually only 10 months,
I was starting to think it wasn’t going to happen!
I know that’s not a long time to wait and I have friends who have been trying for longer but it seemed so long after only 4 months with LB.
I was so happy for so many friends announcing their pregnancies over Christmas and New Year, many who’d been trying for less time than us, but yes I was jealous too!
In fact I cried after one announcement and B told me to get a grip-he hadn’t realised how badly I’d wanted it.

We went out to a friends engagement party on 6th Feb which was a massive reunion and both my girl friends announced their early pregnancies so weren’t drinking!
I had a glass of wine and it didn’t go down too well
and I knew I was due on so i thought oooooh!?!?!
The next day when we got home I took the test and it came up positive.
I had a massive grin on my face, but B with his massive hangover,
didn’t seem as excited as the first time round.
He said he thought we should keep it a secret from everyone including our parents
-I mean seriously how difficult is that!!


It was also perfect timing as i’d just handed in my notice at the preschool!
It meant I didn’t feel like i’d made a crazy mistake.

So we didn’t keep it a complete secret in the end and told our parents.
There were a few people that guessed too.
Its not easy to keep a secret when many of my close friends knew we’d been trying
and I’m not one to turn down a glass of wine.
Everyone was over the moon!


Finally we had our scan on 24th March and I laid there with a crazy grin on my face as we saw our baby for the first time and it’s little heartbeat.
I was so nervous going in there.  It was like I was sure something wasn’t going to be right.

But baby was fine.
In fact it was great it was bouncing around all over the place,
waving its arms and legs and basically being a little pickle.
B actually commented that it looked like this one was going to be just as much trouble as the one we have at home.
The sonographer couldn’t get the necessary measurements so i had to go out and walk around, next time my bladder was too full and then at the last minute before she gave up she managed to get everything she needed.
Baby measured two days ahead of what I already had in my head and the due date came up as the 7th October-my step mums birthday!

So here we are at 12 weeks pregnant praying that everything goes smoothly as I know it’s not a given!

Dreaming of what it’ll be like going thorough this again.
The pregnancy-the dreams, pains, fears, nerves, discomfort and excitement!
The labour-will it be another emergency Caesarian? will it be long? how much will it hurt!?And the best bit holding our baby for the first time and introducing it to its big brother.


How will it affect LB?!
Will he take it in his stride?
Will he be jealous?
Will I feel for this baby what I feel for him!

There’s so much spinning round my head right now but the main thing
is excitement and pure happiness!
It’s already been nicknamed Plum by my cousins (due to that being its current size)
and although I haven’t got a noticeable bump I can certainly feel the difference in shape and it definitely gets bigger as we go through the day.

So there we are my first pregnant post and I’m sure there will be many more updates as we go through this pregnancy with all its emotions.

4 thoughts on “Yey We are Pregnant!

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    Aw I completely missed your news lovely- massive congratulations and wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. xx


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