Little Loves 2016 #13

Hello and Happy Easter to you all! I’m feeling a bit more with it this week with my show being a huge success last Saturday! I’ve stepped away form the computer his week and spent most evenings horizontal on the sofa! Perfect! It’s been a busy and amazing week though so lots to talk about!!

This weeks little loves are leaving dos, Alibi and a pregnancy announcement!


I haven’t picked up a book as I had hoped however I have had  two wonderful candle lit baths this week while reading Aprils Red Magazine before falling asleep in the water!  
Also read lots of Good Luck and Goodbye cards from my day job and thank you cards and emails from my show! It’s wonderful to feel appreciated and to have people understand the hard work you put in!


Lots of bits and pieces really! I have a thing about programmes on the sky channel alibi! So there’s been plenty of Rizzoli and Isles, Castle and Murdoch Mysteries as well as Bones which I’ve always loved!


My preschool kids saying goodbye and getting excited about cake and disco lights for our little party! It’s completely the end of an era. Over 4 years I’ve been there and most kids I work with aren’t even that old. It’s exciting yet so scary to have left this week and I’m going to miss everyone like mad but I’m also excited to see what working from home and being around for LB more will be like.

My balloon alter ego!

  Yummy ice cream cone cakes! 

Mushroom risotto. This is one that B always says is my speciality. This is mainly because it’s near impossible to get distracted making risotto as it needs constant stirring therefore I can’t ruin it!


Why do I never have anything interesting for me to put in this category!!

LB has had his coat and wellies on playing in the garden most days and he did make me chuckle when he covered himself in mud! 
And lastly

Yesterday I went for my 12 week scan and officially announced I’m pregnant!! Eek!! Baby #2 is due 7th October and it’s sunk in a little bit more now! I think the first 12 weeks are a bit of a blur and I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to think about it too much but have felt quite excited since seeing it’s little heartbeat!

Such excitement from all of our families and friends, who are over the moon for us. It’s been one hell of a week-my show, leaving work and baby announcement.

I’ve felt truly loved this week!

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8 thoughts on “Little Loves 2016 #13

  1. mumreinvented says:

    Aww congratulations that’s wonderful news! Love the pic of LB announcing it! Sounds like you have loads to look forward to. You leaving work seems to have come round really quick too! Have a great weekend x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you it’s all so exciting and I’m so pleased we can finally say! Yes so much to look forward to I can’t believe how quickly this term has gone and me leaving work, it’s crazy! The whole routine will change now-eek! Have a lovely weekend x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Not A Frumpy Mum says:

    Huge congratulations on the pregnancy, how exciting!!! The first 12 weeks are so tough aren’t they, when you just want to tell everyone, especially if you’re feeling a bit crap. Some lovely times ahead for you all!
    Have a wonderful weekend. xxx


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