Little Loves 2016 #12 

This week has hopefully been the last stressful one for a while which is fantastic as my body is starting to shut down-I’m exhausted but excited as tomorrow is show day!! Wowee what a few weeks/months of prep, but by 10pm tomorrow night it’ll all be done and hopefully all the hard work will have paid off! And then I can sleep zzzzzzzzz

Anyway this weeks little loves have been the farm, our garden and showtime.


Nothing apart from show details and emails from parents!! Argh!! Next week I will have a chance to open a book – I hope!


My dress rehearsal last Saturday which was a complete disaster, I just wasn’t sure what to say or do except pray that a miracle happens this weekend!! Ok when I look back now it wasn’t all a disaster (see you’d never know why I run a performing arts school-drama queen) but iceberg pleased that rehearsals this week have gone better! Phew!


Some disastrous vocals at dress rehearsal but we’ve managed to pull it back this week!


I wish I could say my pyjamas all day everyday!! Zzzzzzzzzzz


We made the most of the sun last Sunday with a lazy day in the garden. It’s the first time we’ve really been able to get out there and not freeze! LB loved digging for dinosaur bones and in his own words building himself a chicken coup (for 8 of our non existent chickens to lay eggs) and a catfire (campfire) out of mud, stones and grass. He had a whale of a time and it was so lovely to watch.


And lastly 

 Yesterday we spent the day at the farm for 2 of LBs friends birthdays. It’s always so lovely to meet up as we all get on so well, even though we were gutted to be missing one of the gang!! The kids fed animals,played in the park for hours, rode on tractors, had apicnic and did a lot of giggling. As a group of ladies who met when our children were a matter of weeks old we can’t believe they’re now turning 3.

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