Ordinary Moments #10 Mothers Day

Here I am a daughter and a mother myself, sat here on Mother’s Day thinking of how my mother has shaped my life and how I hope to shape LBs. How she has made me the person I am today and how the start in life I give LB will start him off in becoming the wonderful young man I know he’ll be. 

I’m thinking of my friends who have lost their mothers way too early and for whom this day is incredibly painful! Of mothers who have lost children or for women who are desperate but can’t have children.

Mother’s Day is a day of celebration for all those women who have made you into the person you are today. Some people don’t have the bond with their own mother but have a figure who has been behind them, throughout all their ups and downs and made them feel as loved and supported as everyone should! There have been so many wonderful ladies in my life over the years ……. Dance teachers, aunties and friends who have supported and inspired me!

Some of us are lucky enough to have a step mother as well. My stepmum married my dad when she was just 26 and I was 17. She took on two teenagers and did a great job of it all and is a great friend and support of mine now! I am also lucky enough to have a wonderful Mother in Law who I have been told I’m very much like and who has been so loving in accepting me into her family!

My mum though the lady who carried me and dealt with the nightmare of me undergoing operations when I was a baby (I had a cleft pallet) has always been there for me! Yes we’ve had our ups and downs, not always seen eye to eye but no matter what she has supported me! She believes in me 100%, has taught me so much and I know that she loves me with all her heart. Becoming a mother myself made me see things from a completely different angle and you know that every choice she made was to ensure my happiness.

So much love goes out to everyone celebrating this day!

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