Little Loves 2016 #11

Hello Friday!! Where did you spring from?

Another busy one at Tanswell HQ. One more week till show term and it’s all gone crazy, no time to sit back and chill just work work work but as always there are some little loves such as Mother’s Day, being crafty and ‘my kids’.


My Mother’s Day pressies. I have actually stolen a few moments to read a couple of chapters of the life changing magic of tidying. I can’t wait to put it into action over Easter, though as a self confessed hoarder I’m also a little scared. 

My wonderful students working their socks off for our dress rehearsal this weekend and the show next week. Some of these kids I’ve been teaching for 11 years, it’s been my school for almost 10 and for some this will be their last show with me.  As always it’s emotional and I am so proud of every single one of them.

I’m so lucky to have some ex students coming back to help next week too and I can’t wait! 

I’ve heard Some vocals coming together for the show. At workshops we’ve added in some songs to our dance show including one short day from wicked and you’ve got a friend in me from toy story! We have students from 6-18 and it’s so lovely to branch off into other disciplines and push some of them out of their comfort zone-which they’ve coped with and done amazingly!


Costumes, props and everything Alice in wonderland, toy story, wizard of oz and Peter Pan!

I also made a pretty mean fish and chips if I do say so myself-much better than the chippy! 

It’s all been about the show t-shirt this week and anything dance related as we’ve been cracking out the costumes! Even us teachers got dressed up as Alice characters at the workshop last weekend it was quite a giggle-the little ones thought it was hysterical!

And Lastly

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day and LB had a sleepover at my in laws so we could go out and have dinner with some friends the night before. It was lovely to have a lay in the following morning and then my little man came home and gave me such a huge cuddle and then laid with me in bed for a while and it was just so chilled and wonderful to feel so loved!

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