Our Home Office Ideas

As a family where both adults run businesses as well as the house,  a home office is something I’ve been desperate for, for years! 

Our little 2 bed flat hardly even had the space for a corner desk once LB came along. However when we moved into a 3 bed house last June, we started thinking about what to do with that wonderful spare bedroom!

Ok I must admit it has been a junk room for the last 8 months.
We focused on the garden first and before we knew it it was Christmas
and no decorating had been done.
However that hasn’t stopped me traipsing through Pinterest and the Internet
for ideas for every room.
From paint colour, lighting and blinds, to desks, wall art
and I certainly have a thing for stationery!

This month I will be working my last few sessions at my day job.
It means I’ll be at home more for Little B and the aim is for me to be able to focus on building both mine and my husbands businesses.
I run a Perfoming Arts School and B a plumbing and drainage conpany.
This decision has been scary, as we loose that regular monthly income and are left with the freelance ‘when is it going to come’ wage, but I am so excited
and it has got me dreaming of that home office that little bit more.
At the minute you can hardly get through the door let alone sit down in there,
as its piled up with boxes of unorganised paperwork and things to be sorted and organised!

So here are a few of my ideas……..



I love the organised Chaos look both of these give.
Somewhere to display cute motivational postcards and trinkets and/or important notes.

These images are from Redagape and Moore_creative Instagram



This lamp is a little different-it reminds me of a microphone or loudspeaker which I love.
This image is from Homebase



I love the sleek look of Velux blinds and they can give a splash of colour or even a theme such as Star Wars. I have always preferred blinds to curtains and I feel this will give a light and airy feel in our new office.

These images are from VELUX Blinds



  Stationery is like heaven to me,
there really is nothing like writing in a brand new diary of notebook!
I love the saying on the notebook and I think a cash book, could really help me keep on top of the accounts in both our businesses (not my forte!)

I also love this initialmug as a little monochrome treat for me!

These Images are from Paperchase

Wall Art

I love motivational quotes, they put a smile on my face and do just as they should and inspire me! I would love to have them on the walls possibly attached to clipboards.


Image from alittlelovelycompany Instagram

I have found so many pictures of offices I love.  
Some are monochrome and clean looking, some are colourful and creative,
some are so neat I wonder where everything goes.
I’m not yet sure what ours will end up like yet but I’ll let you know! 

N.B This post was written in collaboration with VELUX Blinds

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