Ordinary Moments #No 9 Friends at the Park

Meeting friends at the park and letting the kids blow off a serious amount of steam
is a favourite of mine!
Fresh air all round and hopefully some worn out 3yr olds later.
This week me and Little B met a friend and her son from our postnatal group.
While the boys ran, climbed and giggled we had a good catch up , though we did say when we left thanks for all the half conversations-one day we’ll finish them all off! 

I have a lovely little group of friends from postnatal.
We’ve known each other for nearly 3 years now and get on so well!
We try to catch up every week or two with the kids but now they have started preschool and Thursday is our only free day for anything from friends to the supermarket shop and house cleaning, it doesn’t always happen unfortunately.
Sometimes there’s two of us and sometimes we’re lucky to get 3 or 4 of us together.


We are varying ages, from different original areas and at different stages of motherhood (some have older and younger kids, some are pregnant) but whatever our differences we hit it off immediately and after a few drunken evenings, as well as a few hundred toddler groups and soft play areas i truly believe i have found friends for life.

I can’t wait for the summer as picnics at the park while the kids run free is so wonderful and it always seems so much easier to get out and about in the nice weather.

Ordinary Moments - MummyDaddyMe

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