Little Loves 16 #9

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week-as always it’s gone past in a blur and I can’t pin point a time where I’ve actually sat still. However even a busy week has some little loves and this week it’s been An enchanted journey, family walks and Apologies.


Reading all my notes for my dance schools show! I have paper work coming out of my ears and lists galore keeping me going right now! 3 weeks to go-Argh!


My little man being so polite one minute and then swearing the next ‘that’s f’ing ace’ was not a sentence I had wanted to hear from my 3 year old and daddy got a big telling off!!

  He’s just too darn cute though.


Me and B have been playing a little bit of catch up this week with a few gothams we have on record. We love watching things together but for some reason it’s always so hard to pin us both down when one of us isn’t on the computer working! When I’m at home more after easter, hopefully the late night working will stop as I’ll have more time in the day to get things done for us both!


A mess!!! We went for a muddy walk last Sunday and it was so lovely to get out in the fresh air all 3 of us!



My show t-shirts came in this week and look how cute LB looks in his!
He was so excited he could be like all the dancers!


LB also had his haircut this week and how damn cute was the cape!  

And lastly

I’d like to apologise for not being so active in my reading and commenting on other Little Loves. I love seeing what everyone’s been up to and how the little things effect all your lives it’s just things just seem to be taking over at the minute and everything is a big rush from one thing to another!

I can’t wait for after Easter so I can get more time doing the things I like and building two thriving businesses without the huge amount of chaos that seems to be occurring currently! Thank you for coming along and reading here bough and I love to see your comments-it’s all greatly appreciated X


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