Ordinary Moments 2016 #8 Half Term

I love Half Term. I love a break in the everyday routine that keeps us plodding on through the year!

The chance to take things slowly, laze around, get some bits done around the house and catch up with friends and family. A chance to recoup some energy for the next part of the term.

But here we are, Sunday, its back to routine again tomorrow and I honestly don’t know where the half term has gone. Why does your week off always go faster than the weeks at work hey?! 

I don’t feel like I’ve done enough work, had enough family time, got anything done round the house or chilled out enough this week!

The week has gone past in a blur of dance festivals, show prep, extra lessons, playing, watching films, seeing family and blogging.

And when I look at it like that I think why does my brain tell me I’ve done nothing!  I’ve been busy everyday! We’ve left the house and seen people everyday, I’ve worked a lot and LB has come along or been happy to play with different people.  Today we went out for a family walk in the woods just the 3 of us and a ton of mud -the only day we’ve had all together.

Today gave me the chance to step back for a minute before the next 4.5 weeks takes over! It’s going to be non stop now till the 23rd March. Workshops, dress rehearsal and my show on the 19th thrown in with the everyday work and then the end of an era at my preschool job and the Easter Holidays to work out how on earth we’re going to make it all work! I have a dream (yes very much like Martin Luther King) about how we can make this the best thing ever for us, but financially it’s scary!

Today made me take a break with my boys. We had a lazy morning in bed, cuddling watching Thomas the Tank while Daddy snored, we went for a walk in the woods, cooked an Indian feast together and watched a film. It’s always so lovely to spend quality time together, especially when our time as a three always seems so limited.



2 thoughts on “Ordinary Moments 2016 #8 Half Term

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    It sounds like a lovely lazy day together, especially as you sound like you are going to be so busy for the next few weeks. I know what you mean about half term, I adore it, I just hate the school routine and even if Mads drives me mad I would still rather her be with me and be altogether and just be lazy. I am so sad it has gone so quick and is over now. x


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