Little Loves 16 #8

Well Half Term what happened to you?!
I wish I could say it was full of fun days out with my little man and loads of chill out time, but to be honest it’s been filled with Dance Festivals, extra lessons, show prep and piles of admin and I must admit a few afternoon naps.
LB has been dragged along to the majority of it with me, but he has been fantastic!
At festivals he watched and then clapped and cheered every dancer-i was so proud!
Its been a busy stressful one and certainly not one where i feel even remotely recouped,
but luckily i have very little planned over the next few days!

My little loves this week are New Clothes, Work and my LBT Ladies

I’m really useless here at the minute.
I have a couple of magazines I brought last week,
that I’ve done nothing more than flick through.
A book thats been sat quarter read since before Christmas
and blogs I am just not catching up on.
Bad Gemma!
Its been all about the work and the sleep recently.
My show is in 4 weeks-ARGH!
Therefore every spare moment is spent writing more notes
and organising more bits and pieces with regards to that.


I put the Adele 25 Album on for the cool down part of my
Over 60’s Legs, Bums and Tums class yesterday morning.
They aren’t ones to like change and we’ve had a lot of the same routines and music for the last 8 years but every now and again i throw something different in.
Quite frequently they tell me they don’t like it but occasionally,
like today they commented on it.

They are such an amazing bunch of ladies between the ages of 65-80 most closer to 80 and I absolutely love my Thursday mornings with them.
We have unfortunately lost some ladies to cancer and other illnesses,
they have lost husbands or had to leave to care for them
but they are the most upbeat, loving women i have ever met.
Little B comes along and does the exercises with us and they play with his trains and listen to him as he gabbles on.  Ive apologised for his disruption and said I’d get a babysitter but they refuse, they said to me this morning he is the highlight of the class and they are going to be gutted when he goes to school-they’ve still got 18 months before that.
He’s been to almost every class since he was a baby and he’s moved from carseat, to buggy to moving around with us all.  He counts all the moves for us and shouts out whats next, its hysterical but i love the fact that he understands how to move his body.


I’ve caught a few little bits and pieces but mainly just in the background while working.
Castle, Rizzoli and Isles and Big Bang Theory have been my easy watching.


Some friends popped over at the weekend and brought Little B his birthday present as they were unable to make his party.  He was very excited to open up some new Ted Baker tops (OK i must admit LB was a little disappointed it wasn’t a toy, Mummy was excited by the beautiful clothes)


Oh yeah and of course LB has been wearing a bubble heard
-apparently he was just like Grandad!  


I can usually fill this section with food but I haven’t even done any cooking this week,
B has done it all.
I lie, i made vegetable soup but it really didn’t come out well.
Way too parsnipy and the texture just wasn’t great-
a few mouthfuls and the whole pan went down the sink.


I did the fruit-B did the Peri Peri Pork Belly in the recipe behind!

  Little B preferred the fruit-Ha!

And Lastly

I had some bad news this week, that unfortunately one of my teachers who I have taught and trained will be leaving me after Easter.
She has been offered a 9-5 job that just can’t fit in with her teaching and although she’s gutted she has to take it.  This has left me in the lurch a lot, though I can’t blame her and and am happy for her to have found something that will be good for her.
Unfortunately for me, RAD Ballet teachers are like gold dust in our area.
Also with me having just handed in my notice with my day job and a huge show in 4 weeks i already have a lot going on in my head and this seems to have pushed me closer to the edge, in a really calm eerie way.
You know the feeling when actually all you want to do is curl up in a ball and sleep
and ignore everything-yeah that!
This is not going to get me anywhere though so I have to put a rocket up my butt and get my thinking cap on (though the brain doesn’t seem to be functioning too well) and do something to push my business forward again.
Sometimes i wonder if it would be easier to just throw in the towel and get a 9-5?!

Then I remember why I do this!



Sorry for the inspirational quote bombardment,
but I couldn’t chose which one hit me hardest and I think I need as much inspiration as possible this week!


8 thoughts on “Little Loves 16 #8

  1. Morgana says:

    LB is just so cute! I’m not surprised that the ladies in your over 60s class love having him there. It sounds like a fab group too.
    Hope to see you linking up for Little Loves tomorrow xx


  2. Mummy Hearts You says:

    Oh your over 60’s class sound adorable! Sorry you have had some bad news regarding your work, but keep looking at those inspirational quotes and they will get you through! Have a wonderful weekend xx


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