Living Arrows 2016 7/52

  The Park is the best place to go to blow off those cobwebs and have some fun and we are so lucky to have one just cross the road from us!

I love this photo as it shows Little Bs excitement at going there! 

Little B makes me chuckle as he’s such a home bird!
I’ll ask him every day if he wants to go over to the park or to see friends or anywhere and he almost always answers
‘no mummy we have cuddles on the sofa’
‘we play playdoh,cars, dinosaurs etc’
‘it’s too windy, lets stay inside’.


As I work so often and he spends alot of time out with grandparents, he really likes to just chill out at home when we’re together.
However this day I had forgotten my keys and as we waited for Daddy to get home it was a much better idea than sitting in the car.
He was over the moon to put on his new coat and get out there!
He climbed, he slid, he swung, he giggled and just melted my heart as I stood watching and taking so many beautiful pictures of his happy face!Living Arrows

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