Ordinary Moments 16 #7 Love

As its Valentine’s Day it seems only right that today’s post would be about Love! 

Me and B have been together for 10 years in April and married for 5 years this July. We moved in after 3 months dating and haven’t looked back!

We met in March 2006 in our local pub! He was new to the area and came in with a mutual friend who came straight over and introduced us! Funnily enough this mutual friend had been on a mission with his girlfriend at the time (one of my best friends) to set me up and I can promise you it was not going well! However me and B hit it off straight away. We had a real giggle and at the same time as me, he was introduced to my sister, dad, auntie and uncle! Nothing like being thrown in the deep end!


Unfortunately he was seeing someone at the time so it was a no go area, though about 3 weeks later after popping into the pub for lunch (when I was working) frequently, he called me to say he’d broken up with this girl and would I like to go for a drink. I’d obviously made an impression and so had he and I jumped at the chance. It was 21st April 2006 and I knew he must like me when we moved to another bar with friends where he needed shoes not trainers. He got a taxi all the way home and back again at gone 11pm to spend some more time with me.


From that day we were basically inseparable and I honestly can’t believe I’ve been lucky enough to find my soulmate and best friend and still be so happy 10 years later! I truly can’t wait to see what the next 10 have in store for us!


Things I love about him :

He makes me laugh every day

He does everything He can to make me feel safe and secure.

He supports me in all my decisions even when some of them have been pretty dodgy

He’s a really great cook and spoils me with some fab recipes.

He’s such a fun dad, throwing Little B around all over the place, singing silly songs and making up stories with his many cars.

He’s honest with me (yes sometimes this isn’t great but I know he’s got my best interest at heart)

He works so hard to make sure we can live well. We might not have holidays and days out a lot, but when I’ve always bought in a low wage and we live somewhere that’s stupidly expensive, we do ok.

We are different in many ways except the fundamental important stuff so rarely argue!

Oh and of course I think he’s gorgeous


4 thoughts on “Ordinary Moments 16 #7 Love

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    Ah this is such a lovely post Gem. I love hearing about how people got together and about their stories, it is probably one of my favourite things to read about. Mr E and I will have been together 11 years in September and married for 7 years in December! It is crazy! xx


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