Little Loves 16 #7

Hello my lovelies and welcome to this weeks little Loves.  As always the week has flown by and with feeling poorly I wasn’t sure I was going to find anything to love, but this is why I love this fab Linky! A moment to sit down flick through the photos in my phone and remember what has made me smile throughout the week and you know what there’s always something. 

This weeks Little Loves are Lamb Hotpot, soppy words and Old Friends.



 I love a soppy valentines card!! 
This week I’ve been busy wondering how im going to make everything work when I finish work at the preschool in about 6weeks! It’s scary but exciting!

I know how I’d like to get our office organised and paperwork sorted so we have two smoothly running businesses which to be honest, could take the whole first term-ha! I’ve also been having to read up and write down all about our finances and how we can make it work without my income and what I’m going to do to bring in money.


Some fantastic vocals and a great deal of catching up with fab friends at the weekend! When you meet up with friends who were your world 10yrs ago and seriously nothing has changed you know you have friends for life!



The Lion Guard! Seriously why each week does this consist of a different Disney film rather than something for me?


Little B has a new coat, which I’m loving (good choice Nanny and Grandad) and I think he looks so grown up in it! My 3 year old is seriously growing up too quickly.


I cooked Lamb Hotpot for dinner last night.  Seriously tasty and Little B even ate most of it!

And lastly

  It’s half term finally! Man do I wish this meant I had time off but amongst private lessons, catch up lessons, dance festivals, show prep and admin I think it’ll be a pretty busy one. I’m holding out for a relaxing Easter break.

Hope you’ve all got something fun planned?! Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Little Loves 16 #7

  1. Morgana says:

    That hotpot looks delish! I’m not surprised Little B ate it. Yum.
    Love the pictures of you and your friends, it’s so good to catch up isn’t it?
    Hope you’re enjoying half term xx


  2. Jess @ Along Came Cherry says:

    I love catching up with old friends! My OH and I went to high school together and are both still friends with a lot of the same people so meeting up and talking about the good old days now we are getting on a bit is brilliant! Have a lovely half term xx


  3. Memeandharri says:

    Ah I love the picture of you and your friends, so good that you have all kept in touch. Little B looks so grown up in your pictures. I am so happy it is half term – a week with my girls. Have a lovely weekend x


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