Ordinary Moments 16 #6 Friendship

This weekend myself and B went to celebrate at a friends of mines engagement party! It was the most spectacular event due to the fact that they had definitely pushed the boat out and will struggle to beat it for the wedding, but mainly it was a reunion of friends who worked together over 10 years ago. 
As a young dancer out of college I auditioned and was successful in becoming part of a brand new dining and performance show in Tenerife called Raffles. I was the dance captain, choreographer of a brand new show and living out of the country for the first time at the age of 20. It truly was the best 2 years of my young life and somewhere I met some of the best people who became family, friends and confidantes as we experienced all these new and exciting things.  10 years ago next week the show closed down having been open since November 2003.

Last night after not seeing some of them since my wedding almost 5 years ago we got together for a fun night of remiscing and catching up. The evening went so quickly and we giggled about how we’d all grown up and got civilised- I mean really we used to be dancing on the bar while drinking tequila shots off someone’s tummy!

We even pulled together one of the basic routines from the show as a surprise for My friends fiancé and parents! It was such a giggle to be back up on the stage performing with these amazing people, although we were all so nervous as we’d literally picked it up from a quick rehearsal when we’d all arrived at the hotel.

It was emotional and heartwarming and we were gutted not more of our group were able to make it but it truly showed me that although it’s been a long time we have a friendship to last!

I am so grateful for all the amazing memories I have with this wonderful bunch of people! People I can be completely myself with, you know the friends who you fall back into place with so easily it feels like you’ve never been apart!

I hope they stay in my life for many more years and that  we can keep adding to the memories.


These photos are at least 11 years apart!

2 thoughts on “Ordinary Moments 16 #6 Friendship

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    Ah this is such a lovely post Gem and I loved getting a little insight into your older life, I am so nosey! The then and now photo is amazing too. I absolutely love reminiscing with friends I haven’t seen for a long while, about our school or uni days. x


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