Me and Mine 2016-January

So here we are 31st January 2016.

The first month of the year is done and in such a blur!
After Christmas, January can feel like a little bit of a downer-
all the fun is over, it’s cold and miserable outside and normally you’re thinking about all the things you’d like to change!
The last few days of January I start to perk up as its LBs birthday on the 28th And hope February can give me a boost again!

This morning I saw the Instagram bombardment of #meandmineproject photos.
I love to see everyone’s family pictures-
some are simple, some artistic, some funny, but all full of love!
It’s a lovely project to get involved in and one I’ve enjoyed doing since October last year, as it gives me a fab excuse to see what we get up to as a family
and how we change over time!

This month though I realised that we haven’t had a single family picture,
so I demanded one straight away, in the kitchen, with a migraine
and a little boy with a snotty nose!

Well apart from my double chin, im pleased with how it came out.
B is actually looking ok (he’s usually a chandler from friends in this department)
and LB is pulling us both close, which I love X


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