Little Loves 16 #5

As I write this I am absolutely exhausted, from a busy day celebrating LBs 3rd birthday and there’s no wine in the house! We went to my class this morning where the ladies had brought him a pressie and made him a fab train cake. Then onto soft play with friends for some fun and lunch. To Nanny and Grandads and my Aunties before home, for the best pressie from mummy and daddy-a balance bike, helmet and pads!! 


I finished off #girl boss and if I’m honest since then nothing. I was left so inspired, my heads been spinning all week about the next step for me.

Unfortunately I’ve been rubbish at reading other link ups to the ones I join in with and for that I’m sorry! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read mine and if things go to plan (with all that inspiration) I’ll hopefully have more time to read up.


We are on Silent Witness and Gotham as about our only weekly TV programmes, though I have watched some of my show dances slowly come together which is exciting! Only 7weeks to go -eek!


A lot of Happy Birthday singing and squealing today from one very excited little Dude!



Man I always struggle with this section! If I was totally honest I’d say yoga pants with holes in and yes even my jeans fell apart this week!

Man I need to go shopping!


 Salmon Tart and Greek Salad!

You know what? one day I’ll have ‘made’ something other than food!   

And Lastly

As I said it’s been LBs birthday and I’ve written a little post about him here, sharing some pictures of his birthday, but also my feelings about him growing up and what’s he’s like right now!

My baby is growing up-sob!

Preschool next……

11 thoughts on “Little Loves 16 #5

  1. Mummy Hearts You says:

    Happy birthday LB! Looks like he had a wonderful day! I have yet to watch Silent Witness, Ive been putting it off! Have a wonderful weekend xx #littlelove


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you, yes he’s had a wonderful time now for the party tomorrow! We’ve always loved silent witness and love whence get back to this time of year and there’s actually some bits for us to watch were not great with boxsets for some bizarre reason’ X


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