Living Arrows 2016 4/52

Anyone else find getting healthy food into their children hard?

When LB was a baby everyone was so surprised at the truly varied foods he ate,
he was a big fan of olives, thai mince and curry.
He’s almost always been a great eater (ok he’s not even 3) but he took whatever you gave him and had such an amazing diet.

Then the terrible twos hit and everything became
I don’t like it
As soon as he could speak his own mind and realised he didn’t HAVE to eat it he wouldn’t.
Seriously where do they learn the word YUCK?!

This week I cut up lots of cucumber, pepper and tomatoes as he does love dip dip (humous) so with that and some tuna, I hoped to get something healthier down him.
It worked for a short while but not a great success.
The swede in our roast this Sunday was also a definite No No!

Favourites at the minute are peanut butter sandwiches, cereal and luckily fruit!
Lets not go there on the chocolate!


Ummmmm Mummy what is this stuff you are trying to make me eat?!Living Arrows

2 thoughts on “Living Arrows 2016 4/52

  1. saranicole says:

    Luckily my son never went through that stage. He loves pretty much everything and tries new things with little to no persuasion. My advice would be to let him eat what he will, and try to add new, healthy things. Make foods fun and kid friendly! Let him help in the kitchen!! I know my little guy was alway pumped to try things he “made.” Hope this helps. If I think of anything else I’ll let ha know! 🙂


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