Little Loves 16 #4

This week has seen a real mixture of weather, snow, blue skies and miserable rainy days! With it has gone my mood! Yep I’m definitely one of those girls who gets a little miserable with the rain and perks up at the first sign of blue! Anyone else feel like they can take on the world when you see the sun in the sky?!

Anyway into this weeks #littleloves

#Girlboss, Gotham and Snow


I’ve devoured #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso this week! I’ve loved it and it’s been such an inspirational read! What she has achieved in such a short period of time is phenomenal! I’ve been running my business longer and am nowhere near where she is. She’s given me plenty to think about that’s for sure.


Gotham. I loved the first series and was gutted when I read that they wouldn’t be filming another. Much to my surprise it came back on our screens last week and am loving having something to look forward to of an evening where I actually sit and chill. Plenty of action to keep both myself and B gripped!


It’s Little Bs birthday next week and he’s started to notice cards are arriving in the post! He’s getting very excited as you can imagine, he is adamant he is going to be 5 though.  More like 3 but he’s not having it, it’s really quite funny!

He’s also decided that mummy and daddy are his best friends so we often get big group cuddles and kisses where he tells us exactly this. It completely bowls me over-family love!

The squeals of joy when there was snow settled enough for a good snowball fight were amazing! I love seeing LB excited!  


Bunches! Yep you read that right!

I did ask B whether it looked sexy cute or like I was a 3year old and apparently he liked it!


Homemade salmon tart. An Ainsley harriott meals in minutes recipe which was so easy and so tasty! This made enough for a little bit of lunch the next day too.

I also did a huge batch of vegetable soup at the weekend, made pizza as a family on Sunday and the most amazing tomato and chorizo salad!


And Lastly

This week saw the demise of my iPhone 5c ………


But wow am I in love with my new iPhone 6. It going to be so much easier for work being that little bit bigger! Also managed to get a little tablet for LB on my tariff without costing me a fortune so we have a lucky birthday boy!!

This quote hit a nerve this week! As I believe most women, especially mothers, we put everyone and everything else above us and it’s very easy to burnout! Every now and again I have a little meltdown and then pick myself back up again! This was a lovely little reminder that looking after myself is so important!

Have a wonderful weekend x

10 thoughts on “Little Loves 16 #4

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Blue skies however cold perk me up! Sunshine is the cure for many things – it picks me up if I’m down whereas rain can drag me deeper! I do recommend though not something I would normally read as I really have no clue about fashion but as a businesswoman amazing!! X


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