Little Loves 16 #3

Happy Friday everybody and I hope you’ve had an amazing week?!

This one has been the first that we’ve got back into the full flow of routine and it’s actually gone really smoothly! LB is feeling better, B has finished one big job and is onto another with plenty of enquiries and I’ve started work on my show and am really pleased with how the routines are going so far!

This weeks little loves are #Girlboss, Silent Witness and Superdry


I’ve jumped on the bad wagon with  the book #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso. I have only read the first couple of chapters but I am hooked already!

Have also read a little more of  ‘A Christmas Tail’, though I think this may have just been sidelined-Oops!


I saw a list on Facebook of songs that were turning 10 this year. I felt very old! 10 years ago I met my husband and this song was the summer song that made me think of him


Loving having Silent Witness back! Something me and B both love to sit down and watch, meaning we actually have something to do together.

I was also excited to hear that Gotham was back this week. I had no idea, as I was pretty sure I’d read after the first series (which me and B had loved) that it wasn’t being continued and it had been left at such a crucial point, we were gutted . So happy and can’t wait to sit down and watch that too!

Yey winter TV for both me and B to enjoy has started.


My knitted superdry jumper that N brought me for Christmas. It’s so pretty and warm That it’s kept me going this week!



 A start on the tidying-How boring! Housework went out the window last week with LB ill, as did many things, but this week I finally got the washing done and bits and pieces sorted and now feel like I can move on with more of the organising I am so desperate to get done!

And lastly

I am all about the motivational/sarcastic quote! They make me chuckle they keep me going, they make me feel like I’m not alone in many situations, this week I’ve loved this….

Sometimes I rush through life and am trying to get so much done, that I don’t sit back and focus on what really matters!

LB being happy is the most important thing!

My World!


Have a great week my lovelies X


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