Ordinary Moments 16 #2 Activities 

My New Years Resolution should be Action!!!!
I suppose this fits in with my organisation one
but i have noticed that I get twitchy when we don’t get out and about.
As parents, me and B both run businesses, working whatever hour necessary meaning  a lot of tag teaming and a lot of reliance on family to help with childcare.

We don’t spend very much time as a family
and if we do it is generally at home.
We are exhausted, the house needs cleaning
but funnily enough Little B regularly asks to chill out,
as he’s been out and about with grandparents all week,
he likes being home.

I want to get out more, I need to get out more.
I want to do more as family and i want to make a plan about it.
B is a little reluctant, as recently he hasn’t had a day off from work at all and he just wants to chill out at home, which i fully understand, its just tough to find a balance right now and i feel i need to get me and LB out of the house more often, if nothing else.


LB is 3 at the end of January and starts preschool in April,
I’m not sure how many days etc as yet but it’s going to mean a little bit of juggling things around.
I’m worried it’ll mean I never get to spend time with my little man as at the minute we see each other in the morning before I drop him off at Nanny’s at 11am for work.
However preschool will start at 9.15 and I really don’t want this last year before school to be without that extra mummy time!
I already feel like I don’t spend enough time with him,
as I work late non-wed, so miss bedtime too.


I’m starting to feel like time is going way too quickly and although I know he’s so ready for preschool and that next stage,
I’m not sure I’m ready for this new change.

I want us to make more Memories, do more fun things,
learn more about each other, explore,
and one of those ideas that has been going round my head is
getting him signed up for a weekly activity.

LB spends a lot of time with grandparents while B and i work long days and usually one or both of us at weekends too.
So in official Namny and Grandad fashion he has them all wrapped around his little finger. They do whatever he wants, when he wants and they have had some fab days out too. Grandparent perrogative.
Though I feel bad that he doesn’t have these experiences with me and his dad because we always seem to be working (or too exhausted)!


So I’ve been thinking of something we could go and do together…..


I want an activity I can watch or join in with and then we could go and get hot chocolate or a treat after.
A little weekly thing to look forward to just us two
that gets him out, active and learning!

He’s a sociable kid but usually with adults,
he hasn’t really spent a huge amount of time with other children and that makes me a little nervous!
He’s not bothered me leaving him with Nanny and  Grandad but whats he going to be like at preschool>
(probably completely show me up and have no issues at all-Ha)
I want to make sure he’s not the child who can’t share, is rude to other children, doesn’t listen or worse when he gets to school.
Mummy brain on panicked overdrive, I’m sure!

I don’t want anymore time to pass thinking I’m not doing enough
……what am i talking about thats a mothers prerogative hey!

Any recommendations or advice on preschool activities?


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6 thoughts on “Ordinary Moments 16 #2 Activities 

  1. Christina - Ladybug Home & Design says:

    I don’t think there is mother that does not feel guilty about if they are spending quality time with their children. I work from home and feel guilty that I am “in the room” but trying to focus on working. (At the moment, Baby sleeping on my nap, oven warming up the house since I have been too busy to put lunch in it, and have not spoken to daughter for probably an hour but she is playing with her bears.) I think if you have a planned activity that you will feel better about working. I am working on spending uninterupted time with my children and then I don’t feel as much guilty when I need to do some work. Best wishes! Hang in there! #TheOrdindaryMoments


  2. Memeandharri says:

    It’s tough trying to do it all isn’t it. We are outdoors kinda family and with hubbie stuck in a office all week he is desperate to get out and about at the weekend. The activity together is a nice idea or even just a weekly walk with a scooter followed by a hot chocolate or treat. X


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I bet he is! B works outside a lot as a plumber and drainage engineer and just wants to get cosy in the sofa I’m always trying to drag him out! I like your idea of just a walk and treat might save the money and the routine restriction x


  3. mummydaddyme says:

    Some gorgeous photos of you both here Gem! It’s funny cause like you said on instagram we have definitely switched. I am normally the one that gets twitchy if we don’t have adventures planned, or even if we don’t get out the house even for a bit each day. But I have completely changed, I don’t know if it is nesting but I just love being snuggled up indoors. This weather doesn’t help though! I am sure when it is nice outside I will want to get out and about more! x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thanks Katie! No the weather doesn’t help – definitely for hibernating! End of last year I wanted to stay in and was loving the chill out time but I think I wanted to start the year all motivated etc and I’m going crazy! B is working all the time so not getting very much done round the house either and I think I’m just frustrated as nothing seems to be moving forward! X


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