Ordinary Moments 16 #1 New Years Resolution

So it’s 2016 and as I believe many other people have been doing,
I’ve had a lazy weekend (OK week) thinking!

Thinking back over 2015, Reminiscing on all the fab times.
Wondering how on earth I got through some of the bad stuff
and contemplating change! 

Change can be a scary thing in fact after a few seemingly bad decisions that i went full throttle into, backfired, I’ve been quite fearful of change.
It doesn’t sit well with me.
I worry that I’ll be making another bad move, or will simply fail AGAIN!
There you have it my biggest fear and the thing that holds me back over and over again FAILURE.


Now I’m pretty damn sure I am by far not the only person who is scared of failure.  For most people this is a game changer….but nota always for the worst.  For some people failure simply motivates them even more.

In the past I was someone who if you told me enough i couldn’t do something I’d say Ha watch this!!
and simply go ahead and do it.
I was so motivated and driven.

However more recently It has got me stuck!
Failure and disappointing people scares me so much it can make me feel physically sick and on a regular basis stops me making even basic decisions and I rely on others to Ok my choices.
Wow I’ve changed!


So 2016 I want to try and stop this….
I want to make some changes even if they scare me and even if they fail,
I will even try not to beat myself up if thats the case.



Now when I think about all the things I’d like to change
I come up with a huge list

Lose weight-I’ve put on 3.5 stone since we got married 4.5 years ago
Get fit-seriously I was fitter when i was pregnant than i am now
Do more as a family-go out more altogether.
Quality LB time-Get down and play with LB more
Stop Procrastinating.-Action rather than thinking too much.
Blog & read more-I love reading other blogs & writing but it gets put to one side too often.
Cut Back on Using Phone-some days i hardly put it down.
Me Time-Take it and enjoy it guilt free.
Try something new-I feel like i do the same thing all the time
Family and Friends-Make more of an effort to see everyone

and to be honest it becomes a little overwhelming.

So I’ve decided to pick something that will make me feel less stressed out on a daily basis as my main focus and then do what i can with the above.

The one that I feel I need to put my main attention on at the start of this year is organisation, as I feel this is going to positively affect many areas of my life.

This means a lot of tidying up.
I mean A Lot.
I am a hoarder and we have a room which i am desperate to make an office but seems to keep coming back to a Junk Room.
We need to get stuff in the loft, things binned, donated and ebayed.
I need to sort all the filing systems out for both of our businesses and our home. I need to organise and clear my laptop as it keeps telling me storage is nearly full and lots more.

So its going to be a big job,
but one i feel will make day to day life so much easier.
Knowing where things are, being able to do work quicker, everything having a home and hopefully keeping the place that bit tidier.


So here I am ready to start 2016 with a focus and a goal to make our life easier and hopefully me a little calmer.

Happy New Year Everyone, its great to be back for Katie‘s
The Ordinary Moments for a new year x

Ordinary Moments - MummyDaddyMe


4 thoughts on “Ordinary Moments 16 #1 New Years Resolution

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    Sounds like you have lots of goals you want to achieve this year Gem! I am sure you will be able to do them. Change is scary, but sometimes it can be the very best thing. Wishing you all the luck in the world and the happiest of 2016’s. x


  2. Memeandharri says:

    Happy New Year, failure is scary, I often worry about what if I fail what will people think but I suppose as long as you surround yourself with people who love and support you then it doesn’t really matter, they only want the best for you. I guess if we don’t try we will never know! Good luck with your resolutions xxx


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