(Little Loves 2016) *No 1*

  So here we are at the beginning of 2016.
The first of January in a brand new year, however this post is all about
my Little Loves for the last week of 2015 well actually two weeks,
as we missed last week for the big day itself,
we all had more fun things to be doing, like seeing if Santa had been!

My Little Loves have been
Christmas delights, Films and Honeyed Bacon.


Very little unfortunately, not how i’d planned my Christmas break!
Only on chapter 2 of my book and although I have popped along to a few blogs, not half as many as I had hoped!
I had planned on a great deal of catch up reading but no chance,
though I’ve been glued to Instagram.


So many films! Check out my post here.
Some classics, some animated and some action!
It’s been so lovely to sit down of an evening and switch off,
getting lost in another world.
In fact I think I’ve watched more films in the last few weeks
than I’ve watched all year.


Pure Joy in my little boys voice as well as all the other children in our family! An absolutely wonderful sound.
The excitement as he asked me to come downstairs with him Christmas Morning to see if Santa had been.

IMG_1755.JPGThe squeals of delight, the Thank You’s,
even the begging for Mummy and Daddy to play some more,
‘it’s not bedtime yet’.

A song I have loved listening to is Someday at Christmas by
Stevie Wonder and Andra Day.
Its on the Apple advert-the harmonies, just wow!


Me and Little B made shortbread on Christmas Eve Eve,
as its Daddy’s favourite.

       On Christmas Eve we had my mum round for dinner and I cooked a recipe from our Tom Kerridge book that we’ve never used but it was
one of my resolutions for my 32 @ 32.
I made Honeyed Bacon with Homemade Mint sauce and pease pudding.
I was so impressed with myself even if it didn’t look
completely appetising!

We also had our traditional salmon and scrambled egg with a bucks fizz
for Christmas Breakfast, even LB loves it!


My beautiful new superdry knitted jumper from the hubby and sparkly Oasis layered top from the In laws!
You can only see a hint of both from some car selfies,
didn’t seem to do to well at getting any full length pictures.
(I really must try harder for this section this year!)



And Lastly

Its been a wonderful few weeks of chilling with my family and friends.  Taking a step back form the craziness of everyday work life and spending time with loved ones, staying in my pjs till lunchtime and spending a lot of time on the sofa.  I dd get a little bit twitchy the last few days as I don’t do sitting still very well and i didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped for, but i certainly loved every single cuddle, kiss and I love you mummy.


Heres to 2016 being an amazing year for us all x


Linking up with the lovely Morgana and all the other wonderful bloggers for another year of our Little Loves x

8 thoughts on “(Little Loves 2016) *No 1*

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you! My stepmum brought it from a little shop near us called Daisy’s but I’ve seen it on a few Instagram feeds. VioletandPercy.com have them but they sell out quickly-worth a google search. It was pretty amazing-definitely worth the constant basting! Thank you hope 2016 is a good one for you X


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Oh Jess I know and thanks! Already missing the break even though I’ve still got a few more days to enjoy and by enjoy I mean strip the house of everything Christmassy and tidy-boo!!! Spring yes yes-next focus! Happy new year x


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