Elf on the Shelf 2015 Week 3 +

More adventures with Elvis, our Elf!

img_1347Day 15
I think Elvis had been at the box of chocolates.
LB said ‘Oh No they are all in his tummy and he’s made a mess,I’ll put it in the bin!’
Seriously where has my OCD child come from?img_1371Day 16
Elvis was having a little chill out after helping with the washing.
LB said he was ‘a naughty elf, as this is mummy job’
I’m not sure how i felt about this but B thought it was hysterical!img_1392
Day 17
Elvis e off to a land far away on his Polar Bear. Well not his….
LB had a little argument with him explaining it was HIS Polar Bear and he must get off-OOPS!img_1443
Day 18
Elvis was making himself a hot chocolate treat,
but it seems LB thought it was for him.
Elvis got brownie points and LB had hot chocolate for breakfast!img_1462
Day 19
Elvis coloured in a picture of Mickey, Pluto and a snowman and left him a little note reminding LB there was only 6 more sleeps.
Little B was so cute saying ‘Thank You Mr Elf’img_1536Day 20
Elvis came in like a Wrecking Ball ……and with it being Strictlys Final
it was apt that he swung around on a Glitterball.
I mean who wouldn’t love to do that?IMG_1576
Day 21
While wrapping up presents for under the tree,
it seems Elvis got himself in a bi of a pickle.IMG_1592
Day 22
Elvis had a built a train with LB’s Duplex and he was very impressed.
He pulled him around on the train until he apologised he had to go because he was hungry.IMG_1600
Day 23
I think Elvis was trying to make a point!IMG_1653Day 24
Its Christmas Eve and Elvis brought Little B some treats.  Some marshmallows and Chocolates and Reindeer dust to sprinkle on the lawn that night. He also wrote a goodbye not explaining that this would be his last day watching over him as he had to go back with Santa but promised he’d be back again next year.
LB said Thank You Elvis and gave him a big cuddle and my heart melted.
He then ran around the house shouting Christmas is Tomorrow!!!

Christmas Eve night we set Elvis out with all of Santa’s treats
and said our goodbyes.
I had no idea what Elf on the Shelf would be like,
but i can truly say it has made the lead up to Christmas Magical for LB.
He has come downstairs everyday looking for him and has told anyone that would listen about his antics. He may not have remembered the exact mischief form that day but every one he said had been done.
Always saying ‘HaHa Elvis is so Funny!’

Still 4 days later I have to remind him Elvis has gone as he looks around for him or tells someone the funny thing he was doing that morning!

Definitely worth it!

See you Next Year Elvis the Elf x

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