Christmas at our house

Christmas 2015 is the first in our house.

For 9 years we lived in a little flat and although we had a tree obviously, there wasn’t the space to go mad with decorations.
This year we decided to go crazy.
We wanted lights everywhere.
B wanted tinsel (i’m not a fan but actually the white and silver that we have looks pretty good and i wanted to see LB’s face light up.

We have two trees.
Our artificial light up tree in the living room and a little real one in our dining room which we were given last week.
I have always had a real tree at home until LB came along and when he was 11 months at his first christmas we decided we weren’t going to risk him eating the pine needles.
This year B said there was no point getting a real one as we already had this.  I was over the moon when we were given the real one as i simply love the smell.  I could stand by it all day!


Each year my best friend has given LB a new decoration at Christmas.
This was last years and I love to see Santa parachuting his way down to our tree!IMG_1084

We have a net of lights over our living room window and some jingle bells in the kitchen.


We have our fireplace but no fire so we’ve filled it with decs and lights.


Even the tumble dryer has decorations on it!


LB putting the star on the real tree in the dining room.


IMG_1078Tinsel and lights up the stairs.
My mum always has a garland up hers and on top of the fireplace.

img_1423Our real tree!

We have baubles on every cupboard door and I love it! Everywhere is looking cosy and festive and LB thinks it’s amazing!

It’s going to look so bare In the new year!
I’m going to have start seasonal decorating!

Merry Christmas X

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