(Ordinary Moments 2015) *No 38* Coming to work with mummy

I’m seriously nearly a week late with this post
but better late than never i say….
This time of year sees both me and B getting super crazy with work!
And although I’m sure Little B would love to go to work with Daddy the plumber, it’s easier for him to come with me!
Well kind of!

When I work LB goes to his grandparents or my mums.
On a Thursday he stays with me,
even though I teach a legs bums and tums class 9-10am.
It’s to the over 50s with the core ladies being between 60-80yrs old
(and the 80 yr old is phenomenal-she’s just got back from 5 weeks in Australia, horse rides, goes to French classes
and is basically my inspiration).
After class this week they took me and LB out for coffee and a croissant where they gave us some Christmas presents.
A £30 M&S voucher for me and a spinning Thomas the tank engine. Its so lovely to be able to continue this work and they enjoy him being there. Seriously if i don’t bring him one week they are so disappointed i think they’d prefer if i cancelled the class all together.

LB now joins in half the class-its so cute.
He’s been coming along since he was about 8 weeks old and they ave watched him grow through sitting patiently in his carseat to climbing out of his pushchair to now where he counts them in, tells them what section of the class is next and demonstrates at the front.

Last weekend we had our annual Panto, so LB once again came with me.
He loves being at the theatre and I’m lucky that I can pretty much rely on every adult and child in the building to keep an eye on him so I can still get on with everything! He loves the rehearsals, playing director, copying all the actors and dancers and the kids love him.
He also eats the tuck shop out of everything!


We watched two of the performances and all he wanted to do was get up on the stage with all the performers.
At one point i was dancing around at the back of the audience thinking yes they are nailing this performance when i looked down
and realised LB had disappeared.
Heart in my mouth!
I found him at the base of the stairs up to the stage in front of everyone.
I had to run down and grab him before he made his way up onto the age and all he could say was…

‘Mummy I want to go on the stage’.
Daddy doesn’t think he can afford two stagey people in the family though!


Today I had a Christmas Party and Workshop day and LB was as good as gold i honestly could not have hoped for better behaviour from my little man.

He joined in with every activity, games, arts and crafts and the dances even the senior contemporary number.
He focussed and rolled around on the floor like a pro!


I am so proud of the little boy he is becoming.
He’s so polite and helpful and is genuinely happy to go with the flow.
Yes we have our diva moments of course, but more often than not his behaviour makes me grin from ear to ear and makes me think what a lovely young man he is becoming.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you again tomorrow over on MummyDaddyMe x

Ordinary Moments - MummyDaddyMe

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