Living Arrows 50/52

I think we can almost definitely say people are either in the festive spirit, trying to get into the spirit or down right avoiding it by now!
I think I know a few people in each category to be honest, but for me this week was definitely seeing me full blown in the spirit!
Mainly because we had our panto weekend! 

This year we performed the Panto Cinderella.
As part of the Youth Theatre Team and Lead Choreographer I saw a great bunch of kids put on a fantastic performance and after 13 weeks of stressful but fun rehearsals, they pulled it out of the the bag and we had a fantastic time.

LB had to come with me to the shows as B in the lead up to Christmas is working very long hours including weekends.  I think we are on about day 33 solid work for him-he’s definitely one of those avoiding the festive spirit right now!

Lb wanted to be backstage, onstage
anywhere he could get into the limelight.
At one stage he was stood at the base of the stairs onto the age mid performance as Mummy wasn’t paying enough attention.  He also tried to army crawl his way to the front.  Luckily this time i was on the ball and the only thing the audience heard was ‘Oh Mummy!’.

This picture makes me so happy, as he’s just a superstar at being thrown into every possible situation and here he is backstage trying on the costumes.
My little mouse!

IMG_1357Living Arrows

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