Elf on the Shelf Week 2 (2015)

Our second week with Elvis the Elf has been just as eventful
and LB has started coming downstairs in the morning and looking for him.
He opens the door to the living room and looks around saying where is he!!
We’ve had so many people asking about him and telling me how much they wait for my daily photos, I can’t believe it.
When I’ve been late with a few morning pictures, Ive had people telling me they woke up and when it wasn’t there they spent the whole day waiting to see what Elvis had been up to.

People have told me they have been living vicariously though it,
as their children have unfortunately stopped believing
and that they just love seeing LB’s face in the pictures.
I try to capture his reaction as much as possible.

IMG_1126Day 8
Elvis was being the Fairy on top of the Christmas Tree.
It took LB a little  while to find him. but his face was a picture when he did.IMG_1156Day 9
Elvis had had a midnight feast and was sleeping in the rice crispies.
LB had a bit of a shock when he poured him into his bowl!
IMG_1180Day 10
All the toys ganged up on Elvis and taped him to the wall.
LB made sure he saved him though and knocked all the toys over as a good telling off.

elvis day 11Day 11
Elvis was jetting off to somewhere nice in his aeroplane this night
and I was feeling a little jealous.
Not sure there’d be any space in his suitcase.wlvis day 12Day 12
Elvis made himself a cosy little house and garden to chill out in.
LB just kept saying ‘he’s a silly elf’ and wanted to tidy up after him.
elvis day 13Day 13
LB was a little shocked to see Elvis being chased by the Gruffalo up the fairy lights and grabbed the gruffalo saying ‘i save you’.

IMG_1334Day 14
Elvis got caught short, luckily he found himself some toilet roll.

Oh Elvis-you do get up to some crazy things.
I’m really enjoying having you around in 2015
and am loving the reaction you are getting from our little boy!

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