(Little Loves 2015) *No37*

So here we are the week before Christmas.
I have spent most of this week breathing a sigh of relief
each time a job finishes
-teaching, preschool,panto, Legs,Bums and Tums etc.
With so many little jobs, Ive been having a little woohoo that ones finished for the year every few days.
Now I’m only left with one more and then tomorrow night at about 5pm I can fully exhale ………..
and then take a deep breath in panic in order to get everything sorted for Christmas.

Croissants and hot chocolate with my lovely ladies this morning.


I must admit although I spoke about my new book last week and the idea of getting through it over the Christmas break I have only read a few pages.

I did read a fantastic review written about our panto, Cinderella.
It was so lovely to hear that everyone had such a lovely time in the audience and that a rep from an amateur dramatics association, had such wonderful things to write about the cast and crew!


Strictly Come Dancing Semi Final!

I can’t believe the final’s tomorrow
I definitely have my winner in Jay and Aliona but I’ve thought that since Day 1, even on the dodgy weeks!

I cannot believe Katie and Anton are in the final
but I am pleased about the other 3 and I think i’ll feel a little lost on Saturday and Sunday nights once its finished.


Some fantastic singing and harmonies over the weekend in Cinderella and then again at our Auditions for our next Musical 13 on Monday.
Seriously the hardest decision ever to choose the parts and heartbreaking when you know teenagers are disappointed, they didn’t get a lead role.


A brighter shade of blue.
Turquoise to be exact!


Yes I must be a little crazy, but my hairdresser talked me into it.
I was planning on going very blonde/silvery again but here I am
and I love it!

Oh and my very cool (or not so) Light Up Christmas Pudding Hat.
Whoever got me for Secret Santa at work nailed it!



Maybe it looks better on LB though.


Over the last few days we’ve been making our house a little bit more festive and we were even given a real Christmas Tree, so last night we put that up in our dining room and are now feeling very Christmassy.



I also made a start on my Christmas Shopping this week.
I had honestly done absolutely nothing before Monday Night.


And Lastly

Tomorrow is the first morning I can have a lay in.
Ok Ok it’s not likely to happen with a 2 yr old, but it can be a lazy start and although we do have some bits and pieces we have to do, theres no rush!
Now the feels nice.


Thank You for reading
and I hope each and everyone of you has a fantastic week
in the lead up to the big day x


10 thoughts on “(Little Loves 2015) *No37*

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you that so sweet! Ha yes the festive season that drags on! We did main bit on 6th and rest last night and now there’s still 6days to go! I won’t want to take it down though-it always looks so bare! Busy weekend ahead but much more chilled for sure! Just wish I could do it all in my pjs! Merry Christmas x


  1. Jenny @ Let's Talk Mommy says:

    Ahhh everything is so full of festive cheer and that blue hair suits you why can’t I get away with blue hair or pink perhaps. I wish I had the bravery. Love the jumpers too. So cute. I love Christmas time looks like you are all ready for the big day. Happy Holidays. #littleloves


  2. thenthefunbegan says:

    Flying by the seat of your pants on the Christmas shopping! Good work for clearly ordering a tonne of stuff in one go though 🙂 I think Jay and Aliona have had some amazing dances but I do have to agree that he’s a bit wooden in the acting department! I like team GG but I also like Kellie. So confused!! Cool hat (and hair!). I was sooo tempted to buy one of the knitted Santa hats in Tesco (probably the one with integral knitted beard) but didn’t in the end – the weather is too mild for hat-wearing! Have a lovely Christmas Xx #littleloves


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I can’t believe how mild it is. Usually I’m all wrapped up and i just haven’t needed to. Slightly scared it’ll be freezing come jan/feb. They def all deserve to be there and Id be surprised if Jay wins-yes the performance is not the strongest point -kellie aces that bit! Have a fab Christmas x


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