(Little Loves 2015) *No36*

Hey Everyone, I hope you are all having a great week.
Its going by a bit too quickly at the minute and Christmas is approaching …….2 weeks today in fact.
Anyone else no more organised than last week?
I have brought cards and wrapping paper but they are still in the bag and I have nothing to wrap yet! EEK!

This weeks little loves have all been very christmassy
Christmas Books, Panto and Father Christmas.


I have been reading Bear Grylls Facing Up about his climb up Everest and although I have been enjoying it, i have decided to give myself the challenge of reading a festive book over the Christmas holidays
in the bid to find some ‘me time’ in the chaos.
I will then go back to Bear Grylls later.



Me and LB have finally watched Cars (the first one).
It has finally come onto Sky On Demand Thank God,
after we have watched Cars 2 about 400 times.
It was good to get the back story! Ha!

The last Panto rehearsal before the craziness of this weekend.
Dress Run tonight and then 2 shows sat and matinee sunday.
I love being in the theatre and watching the kids really pull something spectacular out the bag!
In the rehearsals you wonder if they’ll ever do it and then on the stage they all come alive and do so much better than you ever expect and you wonder why you were ever worried.


Donkey Plodding, Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star, Down in Lapland
and the list goes on……
All in preparation for our preschool Christmas Play on Monday.
Fingers crossed we can remember all the words and sing in tune
and thats just us ladies!
I’ve also heard LB singing a cute version of Jingle Bells which he’s been singing with his Nanny.


I’ve been wearing a hat as often as possible to hide my awful roots, I am hoping i can get my hair sorted before christmas, as this semi permanent purple i put on in mid October doesn’t seem to be washing out!


I love this jumper that LB’s grandparents brought him from Matalan recently.  Its so cute and smart, I’ve been putting him in it so much!


Our house all Christmassy.
As the first Christmas in our new home and the first that LB is going to understand we want to go a little more full out than normal.
We haven’t quite gone as crazy as i thought, in fact i think we’ll add more over the next few weeks, but we’ve done the living room at least.  image

And Lastly

Last Sunday my mum took me and LB to see Father Christmas and his reindeer at a local garden centre.
He was in complete awe!

It was such a lovely morning, you can see more of it here.



4 thoughts on “(Little Loves 2015) *No36*

  1. mumreinvented says:

    Ah cute pic of LB and Father Christmas. I haven’t got round to taking my little man to see him yet – oops! I haven’t wrapped a thing yet and still have presents to buy, so you’re not alone 😉 Have a great week! x


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