Meeting Father Christmas

Last Sunday My mum took myself and Little B to a local Garden Centre
to meet Father Christmas and his Reindeer.
This has been a tradition for the last 3 years with the all the grandkids,
but unfortunately we couldn’t get us all together
on the same day this year.

So there we were watching Little B’s face light up,
as he literally bounced around like a crazy person with pure excitement.

LB was in a grumpy little mood all morning and I even had to threaten not going.  In fact the only thing that got him in the car wasn’t seeing Nanny, Father Christmas or the reindeer it was getting a biscuit.
All about his tummy my boy!

We fed Blizzard and Snowy the Reindeer and then queued up to see the big man himself.  LB was really quite impatient and although the queue wasn’t long, he was trying to make his way to the front at every opportunity.  Two little girls aged between 5-7 were so kind and said the he could go in front of them, I was overwhelmed at how lovely that gesture was, as I could see they were just as excited.

LB answered every question Father Christmas asked.
He told him his name, how old he was and what he wanted as a present.
Apparently a plane though he told my friend later on that he had asked for an elephant and a car!
He also promised he would be a good boy and listen to mummy first time.
That hasn’t gone so well so far!
He gave Father Christmas a big hug and got a little gift which he was super excited about.
However he was definitely happy when he got his mince pie and chocolate at the end and did a few laps of the Christmas trees just to prove his point!

He was so confident and I could see just how much my little boy had grown since last year.

Here’s a few pictures of our day….



And I can’t believe how much he’s grown since last year!


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