Elf on the Shelf Week 1 (2015)

 This year is the first one that ‘Elvis the Elf’
has come to join the Tanswell’s.
He has been a giggle for Little B (and us too if I’m honest)! 

Little B is now 2yrs 11 mths and this is probably the first Christmas
he’s going to understand, so we decided to go full out!
We’ve got away with slacking a bit over the last few years
but now it’s time to pull out the stops
and we decided that Elvis the Elf was one of those.  Day 1
Elvis arrived.
LB found him sat on the sofa reading his book and was so eager to give him a cuddle. He asked me if he could play with him but I said Elvis wasn’t a toy he was a magic elf who needed to watch him play and tell Father Christnas know if he’d been a good boy!
He was engrossed by the story and seemed to understand it all.

Day 2
Elvis called a midnight meeting of all the toys
to let them in on his little mission for Father Christmas.
LB had no idea what was going on but started naming toys and gasping like ‘i can’t believe they’re in on it too’  
Day 3
and Elvis was swinging from the Living Room light.
This cracked LB up and he was completely in awe!

Day 4
and Elvis had been a bit naughty, creating new decorations.
LB was not impressed and gave him a big telling off,
before saying he’s made a big mess mummy I’ll tidy it up,
collecting all the toilet roll up!

Day 5
Elvis was riding a banana down the stair bannister
-I mean why shouldn’t you?!
LB found this a little mental obviously -mummy why’s he sitting on a banana? I think you’ll have to ask your dad! Ha!

  Day 6
and there was a bit of a King Kong reenactment going on with King Louie!
Seems Elvis got himself in a spot of bother with a
little monkey business! Day 7
and Elvis had made the whole living room Christmassy.
LB was so excited about the lights and the tree, it made my heart melt!
He said that Elvis was in the fire because he was cold.
Don’t think he clocked he was tangled up in red Christmas lights

Who knows what the naughty little Elf will get up to for the next week,
we shall just have to wait and see
but I’m loving feeling a little bit more festive with all our decorations up and can’t wait to get more and more into the Christmas spirit
over the next few weeks!


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