(Little Loves 2015) *No 35*

Wow this week has gone past in a complete blur!!
I’ve been exhausted trying to get loads of work done,
everything on a deadline of last week and  going to bed past midnight
and LB has been getting up at 5.30am every morning.
Welcome emotional, clumsy, crazy mummy!

So amongst all of that there has been some bursts of lovely and these are what I’ve been loving….
Fish, Dinosaurs and Just Crackers


Bank Statements and Invoices.  Bleurgh!
When your hubby leaves all of his accounts to the very last minute and you end up manically doing it all as he hates paperwork so much-ARGH!!


LB get super excited over seeing fish at the garden centre.


My cousin is off to Australia for a year next week so we spent an afternoon at the local garden centre looking at pets and choosing a christmas decoration which he has already managed to rip the head off of!

It also been great to see LB’s face each morning as he discovers what Elvis the elf has been up to!IMG_0909


A good friend from primary/junior and secondary school has joined forces with her family and a few friends to create the most amazing Christmas Song with the best part being their aim to raise £1million for Cancer.
Its downloadable on ITunes and it’s such a great cause.
Just Crackers Hey Hey it’s Christmas


I wish i could say my pyjamas in this section.
Though I do plan on spending Friday night on the sofa in chill mode before the craziness of the weekend!


We had our work Christmas Do last night at a place called Rainbow Buttons where you can create a picture out of buttons.
I made a Dinosaur for LB’s new bedroom wall.IMG_0956
I also amused myself by having to blowtorch the top of a cottage pie as I forgot our oven isn’t working!
It was a hit though as LB ate every last bit and usually we struggle with dinner.IMG_0955

And lastly

Counting down to Christmas now……

Exams tomorrow, 3 shows and a tech run of our Panto Cinderella next weekend, our Christmas Party and Workshops on the 19th and only a week and a half left of Preschool!
There is a light at the end of the tunnel
as long as i get a little bit of sleep in the meantime.

Also Super proud of B who has been working hard to set up a joint business website with a partner which has gone live today.
Wishing BestPropertyServices the best of luck!


2 thoughts on “(Little Loves 2015) *No 35*

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      It’s a lovely thing to do and something we’ll definitely do more often I’m sure! Rest??? Um not yet just finished last night of teaching but a weekend of Panto to get through next! I’m definitely looking forward to a chance to sit down x


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