Me and Mine (November)

Getting a family photo can be a challenge here at the Tanswell’s however the Me and Mine link up has spurred me on to try harder.

The first one here was at bonfire night. The first time we’ve taken LB to a display and although he enjoyed running around and watching the fireworks the phrase I want to go home came out a few too many times!

I love fireworks night but have so rarely managed to make it to a display due to work, however this year was fab to go and join in the whole spirit, followed by fish and chips on the way home-perfect!


The second was the best of a bad bunch from my cousins 21st birthday, most of them B had his eyes closed in. Little B had a mouthful of cake and wasn’t even looking at the camera-which must be a first! He’s usually a pro photo bomber ‘cheesing’ at every opportunity and seriously I need to sort my roots out!

On Sunday 22nd we spent brunch eating homemade cakes and drinking prosecco in celebration, with all my mums side of the family before heading over to B’s parents for a roast. I had forgotten when buying the chicken that our oven was broken so we dropped it off before the party and came back to a wonderfully cooked roast. It was so lovely to spend the day with family catching up with grandparents, aunts and cousins, in fact it felt a little bit like Christmas!

It’s always going to be a mission to get a decent family photo but I’m up for the challenge!

B hates having his photo taken therefore we only have a few good ones of us (mainly at our wedding when he wasn’t looking-you have to catch him unaware,he’s like chandler from friends). I’m always clambering us into a family selfie or begging someone to take a picture while B complains and LB pulls funny faces!

Oh well they can only get better right?!


2 thoughts on “Me and Mine (November)

  1. Naomi says:

    The Me and Mine challenge is definitely that… a challenge. I just think they’ll be brilliant to look back on though. It looks like you had a lovely November xx


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