Living Arrows 2015 48/52

 My little cutie went for his first sleepover with my sister and his cousins on Saturday. They were all so excited and had been sending videos to each other all day, giggling and telling each other they loved each other and that they were best friends-it was so cute! 
LB was so excited to pack his little suitcase up and show them what he had in it and kept saying ‘I’m going for a sleepover’ to me and his dad.  A is 5 and L is 10weeks younger than Little B at 2.5yrs. Altogether they either love each other to bits or fight like cats and dogs, Add my little sister and their auntie who’s 7 into the mix and it’s an interesting little group!

Me and B were heading out for dinner at a friends house and it meant we could have a bit of a lie in on Sunday- hello 11am.

Unfortunately for my sister she saw 5.45am thanks to LB……. oopsie!!


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