(Ordinary Moments 2015) *No 36* December

Life is busy with just the everyday stuff!
Trying to keep the house tidy, the washing done, 2 businesses moving forward, Christmas planning and most importantly keeping our child Happy (I was going to save alive but that goes without saying)!
I just want to take a minute before the craziness of December kicks in to think about some things I want to make sure happen away from the madness……
The Ordinary Moments that I feel could go out the window quite easily.

1. Enjoy Hot chocolate and marshmallows with my little boy IMG_0244-0
2. Read a book and take some time to myself,
preferably in a hot bubble bath

3. Buy some new decorations as well as creating some handmade ones
and go Christmas Crazy round the house
– very excited to have an Elf joining us this December
4. Watch It’s a Wonderful Life (my mother in law talks about it every year and I feel like Its about time I know what’s she’s going on about!)

5. Get LBs big boy bed up and start his dinosaur room,as well as pushing forward with more decor ideas throughout the whole house

6. Some film nights snuggling on the sofa with B, we haven’t done this since moving in June and I want to take full advantage of the cold weather and being under blankets

7. Cook some different meals-I feel like we’ve been going back to our old faithfuls a a lot recently-we haven’t had an oven for a week so it’s been a bit hard 

8. Catch up with friends and family or at least get some dates in the diary-it really is the perfect season

9. Do my Christmas shopping as much as possible via small businesses, I’ve got my eye on so much

10. Reflect on 2015 and make my dreams and wishes for 2016!
It’s been a fab year and I can’t help but wonder what’s in store for us
next year?IMG_0690
Ordinary Moments - MummyDaddyMe

4 thoughts on “(Ordinary Moments 2015) *No 36* December

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    These are such lovely simple things to do. I am going to do some similar ones myself. I really want this Christmas to be calm and just about being together rather than for the show of Christmas if you know what I mean. x


  2. imeverymum says:

    Gosh this list reads like I could’ve written it. We are also going for a dinosaur theme for our little boys bedroom, I need to start cooking some home cooked favourites again and it’s our first year doing the elf on the shelf too. Also remembering to shop small is a good one when I’m looking to buy. Thanks for sharing. I feel like I’m reading a reminder list of my own. Great minds and all that haha #theordinarymoments


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